After The National’s legendary performance at Radio City a few weeks ago, I waited after the show to see if I could meet the band. I ended up meeting Matt & Bryan, but I also met a few other fans waiting to get a glimpse of the band, two of which I have come friends with. It turns out that one of them is a talented musician. She gave me her debut EP to listen to, which I gave an honest listen, and came out more than impressed.

Her name is Laurie Cameron, and her debut EP The Melancholy Tides is something special. If your a fan of singer-songwriters such as Greg Laswell, Bon Iver and Damien Rice, then she is right up your alley. After one listen you realize that the EP is perfectly titled. Her songs reflect strong personal experiences and emotions that will move you. With beautiful orchestration and plenty sincere moments, Laurie is one talented lady that is sure to inspire.

Here is one of my favorite cuts from the EP that I would like to share with you guys:

[mp3]: Laurie Cameron – The Last Wave

If you like that you can buy the EP from Amazon or Play. You can also stream the EP at her myspace

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