I am excited to present our first mp3 exclusive. Young Empires gave me the privilege of sharing their new song “Glory Of The Night” in mp3 form. Its a different animal than”Rain Of Gold“. While “Rain” busted out of the door, “Glory Of The Night” takes its time. The song builds upon layers of sound that show the bands ability to piece together a magical song that gets better with every passing second. It deserves airplay during the nights darkest hour when all of our burning desires come free.

Young Empires are a young band that have already impressed me greatly. With so many strong demo’s, I can only imagine the greatness that will come out of their mastered studio output. Young Empires are bound for greatness. Get to know them asap.

[mp3]: Young Empires – Glory Of The Night

Watch the music video for Glory Of The Night below:

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