Remember this name: Young Empires

Why? Well, they are going to be a big name soon. They are also one of my favorite new bands. Trust me, you would hate to have missed out on an opportunity of being an early Young Empires fan. These guys have all the tools to break out and be the next big dance sensation. Young Empires are a three piece that formed in October 2009 out of Toronto. They have already played alongside acts like Sleigh Bells & Wave Machines since. They have a sound that you may compare to the likes of Friendly Fires and Cut Copy, two very excellent bands. There are only a few songs on their myspace right now, but the band has personally given me one of their songs to share with you. It is called “Rain Of Gold “. It literally does rain on you with gold sounds of perfect dance-rock that has its fare share of tribal influences sprinkled within from the light flute or tropical drums.

“Rain Of Gold” shines because its so crisp and full of energy. It has an incredible groove that channels the early days of some of my favorite acts out there: The Rapture & Yeasayer. The song is only a demo, yet it sounds so natural and ready to be shared with the masses.

Can you say summer jam of 2010? Get it:

[mp3]: Young Empires – Rain Of Gold

Visit them on myspace right now and check out two more of their songs. Thank me later. You should also like them on facebook. Show these boys love!

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