I wanted to make this post a “band to watch” post but I realized Two Door Cinema Club are not really a band to watch anymore. The young band from Northern Ireland are no strangers to the blogging scene. There songs have been heavily blogged on the internet, with loads of dance remixes of their songs clogging hypem every day. However, their debut album Tourist History wasn’t released in Ireland/UK until earlier this month. It doesn’t even have a release date here yet. So I guess in a way, they are still a band to watch stateside.

I just discovered them recently based on a couple of recommendations from my readers. It’s cool to see readers reccomending great bands to me, seeing everything comes full circle. Two Door Cinema Club make catchy dance Rock that has had me replaying Tourist History for two days straight. Every song from start to finish is loaded with tremendous amount of hooks that will leave you addicted all day. Alex Trimble’s warm vocals smartly direct the the band to pop perfection. The guitars have the angular fury of Tokyo Police Club. The basslines on the songs deserve a blog post of their own. The bass is the standout on every single song, creating rhythms that will be a hit on the dance-floor.

It’s amazing that this is their debut album because the band doesn’t sound amateur at all. The songs are heavily produced to the finest degree allowing their songs to sound full and focused. These are pop songs done right. I am going to play these all summer long, as loud as possible.

It is impossible to choose just a few songs to share with you on an album as great as this, but I tried. I highly recommend that you give this band a try. Tourist History may actually be one of my top 5 favorite albums of the year. I haven’t really listened to an album is such an obsessive manner since Contra. These guys are my favorite discovery right now. I am planning to see them at Bowery Ballroom on May 12th. I hope to see you there with your dancing shoes.

[mp3] : Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
[mp3] : Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know
[mp3] : Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

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