My attendance of last nights She & Him show at Bowery Ballroom was a blessing for me, as I got tickets 5 hours before the show started. Can’t get any luckier than that. I was extremely excited to hear some retro tunes from She & Him. I was also excited to see Zooey in person just like everyone else in the building (male & female!). It was one of the first times I went to a show by myself, but I had an absolute blast!

Openers The Living Sisters were three girls who sang beautiful harmonies with nothing more than an acoustic. It was very nice but it kinda made me bored after the first 4-5 songs. Nice stuff but not really something I would want to see live again. I’m sure the debut album is lovely though.

The minute that Zooey stepped out the crowd went pretty ape shit. Guys were screaming like fan girls, just happy to ge t a look at her. Don’t worry, she can sing people. I knew she had pipes on her but she really impressed me with her vocals last night. She really does have it all. M. Ward shouldn’t be forgotten either. He absolutely owned the guitar last night, earning his Monster Of Folk title. They mixed songs from Volume’s 1 & 2 giving the songs a upbeat alt-country feel that had all the Zooey look a likes swooning and all the men drooling. I had a lot of fun.

The band asked us to refrain from photos, so I don’t have many. People were sneaky and took some shots throughout the show. I joined in – indiscreetly with my 6’6 frame. I became friends with someone at the show who asked me to send her the photo’s I took, but I couldn’t find her on facebook. So if you are somehow reading this, let me know please!

After the show I waited outside and met M. Ward by himself. I asked for a photo but he said he doesn’t like photos. He was nice but was very, very, shy in an awkward way. I waited another 15 minutes and out came Zooey with her husband, Ben Gibbard from Death Cab. I said hi to Zooey over the other 6 people swarming her, then went to Ben and shook his hand and told him I’m a fan of DC. He was very appreciative that I noticed him, since the rest of the Zooey-maniacs ignored his presence. I didn’t even bother them with a photo request after being deaded by M. Ward.

Go check She & Him out if they are coming near you. Totally worth it for many reasons.

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