The Hold Steady claimed that their new album Heaven Is Whenever is significantly less anthematic than their previous albums. After listening to it’s first single, Hurricane J, I have become skeptical to the truth of that matter. The songs kicks off with heavy guitars and a very anthematic chant of oooh oooh oooh. The chorus is one of the poppiest of the The Hold Steady’s career.

The subject matter in Craig Finn’s lyrics still retain to finding shit to do to keep night life fresh. He still sings about making out with a girl named Jessie over a few beers, and trying to steer her away from her cigarette smoking friends. Not only are his lyrics sincere, but his vocal delivery is too. It’s still very much Craig Finn, but something about his delivery is noticeably different.

I wasn’t sold on the song right away, but after multiple plays I realized this is another great one from one of the coolest bands around today. They probably won’t ever change too much, but who the hell would want them to? This is the type of music that they make best, and sometimes it’s perfectly fine to stick with what your good at.

[stream] : The Hold Steady – Hurricane J

If you like the song, please continue to support the band. You can do so by pre-ordering the album over at Insound on Vinyl or CD. It’s officially out on May 4th via Vagrant Records.

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