It’s so amazing to see how far along the boys have come since 2005. Not only in terms of their own growth from young lads to men, but also as musicians. Their sound has gotten darker, as they have become more apt at playing their instruments. Alex Turner has developed great lengths as a singer, fleshing out everything that his pipes have to offer. Jamie and Nick know how to add depth and curiosity to the songs. Matt Helders is the backbone to the Arctic Monkeys playing the drums with authority and passion. He’s probably the bands secret weapon.

They are releasing their 3rd single for My Propeller next Tuesday, and let’s just say it may have propelled itself into the internet. A little jitterbug may or may not have sent a “few selected tracks” and oh man they are fantastic. One of them, “The Afternoon’s Hat”, is the standout in my mind at the moment. It starts with a bolt of energy and a smooth settling croon from Turner. The rhythm is jumpy and vibrant leading the way for a bridge filled with dark guitar sounds which are certainly built upon what they learned with Mr. Homme.

The 2nd half is a really promising direction that the boys should embark on. They sound confident, smart, and in control of their sound, not afraid to try new things. Really, really, good stuff. I’m loving it.

[stream] : Arctic Monkeys – The Afternoon’s Hat

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