Last night I drove down to Brooklyn with a few friends with one goal in mind: To rock out with Free Energy. Ever since I saw them open for Hot Chip, they have become one of my favorite new bands. Their debut album Stuck On Nothing is a ridiculously catchy album that I haven’t put down yet. Their live show at Hot Chip was so good that we decided we needed more.

We found a sweet parking spot on the street, and the best part was it was free. Certainly a lot better than taking a 16 dollar train and the subway. We were starving and tried to try our luck with the Caracas Arepa bar near the venue that my stepfather recommended, but unfortunately it had a decent wait and we were running a bit late. We decided to try a vegan fast food restaurant called Food Swings instead. I am pretty far from a vegetarian. But after all it is lent and it was Friday, so it was pretty good timing. I got some nachos, and french fries, and they were amazing. If your ever seeing a show at the Knitting Factory, check that place out.

We got to the show and caught the opening band Clovers. They came all the way from Cleveland, Ohio and absolutely rocked it. Their songs had a lot of guitar distortion and delay, and pretty slick bass lines. I had a lot of fun watching them rock out, and I can certainly say that they are a band everyone should put on their must watch list. They are going to do big things. I recorded a clip from the song “Make A Wish” which stood out with a stunning bassline. Watch it below:

Free Energy were next and I honestly think a vast majority of the crowd in attendance came to see them over the headlining Foreign Born. People were going nuts dancing and singing a-long during Free Energy’s set. Paul and company were having so much fun on-stage, you can tell that they love what they do. It certainly rubbed off onto the crowd because everyone was having the time of their life singing the songs like they were classics that we drank to for decades. It was a really great set overall, even though it feel short. However, it was filled with all of the best cuts off of Stuck On Nothing. It was some of the most fun that I’ve had at a show in a while. Love those dudes!

Foreign Born came out and played an exciting set full of well articulated songs that got the crowd moving. I gotta check out the rest of their album, Person To Person. The highlight of their set was definitely Vacationing People.

Check out some photos, after the jump:


Free Energy

Foreign Born

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