[new] Here We Go Magic – Collector

By Will Oliver, March 10th 2010 — with 4 comments Other

We have loads and loads of good free music given out today. Add a new Here We Go Magic song to that list. They announced that they will be releasing their new album Pigeons on June 8th via Secretly Canadian. The song is called “Collector”. It was given away for free on Secretly Candian for an email address.

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I heard Luke Temple and co. play this when they opened for Grizzly Bear at Town Hall last year (great gig). To me “Collector” sounds more fleshed out than a lot of the stuff on their debut album (which was a good album!). The production seems stronger, and having the full band record for this album definitely makes a world of difference. This sounds like a fuller, more colorful vision from Luke Temple, and I am a huge fan of this.

Didn’t expect anything new from them this early so this was a really nice surprise.

[mp3] : Here We Go Magic – Collector

Visit the band on their website.

Tracklisting for the rest of Pigeons is posted after the jump


01 Hibernation
02 Collector
03 Casual
04 Surprise
05 Bottom Feeder
06 Moon
07 Old World United
08 F.F.A.P.
09 Land of Feeling
10 Vegetable or Native
11 Herbie I Love You, Now I Know

tracklisting via P4K