Damn today is a good day for new music. MGMT posted a new song titled “Flash Delirium” for free download on their website. Then Congratulations, a song sharing the same title as the album, leaked. Weird timing huh, almost seems deliberate.

Flash Delirium starts off very subdued, taking some time to explode into it’s spiced up groove. It has a funky vibe that only MGMT could pull off.

Congratulations is one of the most clear cut MGMT songs to date, relying on one sunny melody that is eagerly awaiting the summer. I honestly think that this is one of the best tunes that MGMT have written in their young career. It is partly a ballad, and I think that is why I love it. It doesn’t try to drown us in effects our unnecessary sounds. It is a band spilling their heart out in a pretty vulnerable way, and for that, I applaud MGMT. Sometimes less is more people!

These are only my initial thoughts. I still have to absorb all of the little details a bit more, but I gotta say, I am impressed. I was a little worried abut how MGMT would follow up Oracular Spectacular, but so far I have high hopes for the rest of Congratulations. They seem to have found a way to expand themselves, while maintaining the best parts of their previous efforts.

[mp3] : MGMT – Flash Delirium
[mp3] : MGMT – Congratulations (Sony asked me to take it down) – Youtube is your friend though

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EDIT: There is also a nice little video with the lyrics of Flash Delirium posted via MGMT’s official youtube page embedded below:

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