Greenberg is a upcoming movie by acclaimed director Noah Baumbach starring Ben Stiller. It is one of the rare serious Ben Stiller film’s, so I am totally interested to see how it pans out. What is even cooler about the film is it features brand new exclusive music by LCD Soundsystem/James Murphy.

One of the songs was recently played on NME Radio, and someone ripped the song and sent it my way. It’s pretty crummy quality and features a DJ bit from Jon Hillcock’s show at the end, but it is still well enough to give us a decent impression of the song. It features a sporadic guitar riff that is brushed aside by the bleak tone set by the rest of the song. It has a really interesting complexion that seems a lot more soulful and well….bluesy than the usual LCD Soundsystem joint. It sounds disconnected, isolated, and mysterious all at once.

[mp3] : LCD Soundsystem – Oh You (Christmas Blues)

You may want to pre-order the soundtrack, ’cause there are plenty of more new James Murphy gems waiting for us. Also be sure to check out the rest of Jon Hillcock’s show, which includes an interview with James Murphy himself. You can hear it over at his blog.

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