Trip-Hop legends Massive Attack have not released an album since 100th Window’s 2003 release! That is seven years, a long time by any fans standards! I think we can all agree that people are anticipating the bands new album, Heligoland.

Heligoland was recently played on the radio, and some fans were smart enough to radio rip the album, and as you can guess I found a rip of one of the songs. I have a radio rip of the song “Pysche” which features the vocals from singer Martina Topley-Bird. The rip does have an introduction from the DJ, but aside from that it is an excellent radio rip. The quality is very good considering!

The song is minimalistic focused on the smooth plucking of an acoustic guitar tied together with a looping trip hop beat. Topley-Bird’s vocals are a perfect fit for “Pysche. I believe that this is an “exclusive” in ways:

[mp3] : Massive Attack – Pysche

I approve of this, and I think Massive Attack fans are jumping around full of joy to this! Not only because it is a great song, but because they finally have new Massive Attack! Other than theSplitting The Atom EP that they released last October.

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