(photo credit to Miguel Pellitero!)

I got a mid supper post for you guys! My buddy Chris over at Indiescreet sent me an email informing me that the xx have a new song out there. The song is called “Insects” and it will be a b-side for their VCR single release!

“Insects” is a short song, falling a bit shy of the two minute mark (Colleen has informed me that the official recorded song will be 4 minutes!). The xx are one of the hottest indie bands of the year so it isn’t surprising that this b-side is spectacular as well!! Their dark, r&b inspired sound is still very much captivating. It’s impossible not to get drawn in by the soulful voices of Romy & Oliver.

Play this one in the dark just before you get some zzzzz’s.

[mp3] : The xx – Insects

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