Well if you are obsessed with Vampire Weekend like me, you have traced their roots pretty deep. Ezra’s first journey into the music scene was with  his old hip-hop duo “L’Homme Run” which was with his college friend Andrew Kalaidjian. They had a few tracks on their myspace that got them some moderate love, but nothing to the level of Vampire Weekend (obviously).

However, there is good reason not to forget about L’Homme Run. As far as I can remember they had a select few tracks on their myspace. I have 4 of them as mp3’s in itunes. They are “Bitches”, “Interracial Dating”, “Pizza Party” and the aforementioned song “Giving Up Da Gun”.

If you take a look at the track listing for Contra, you can see that one of the songs on the album is titled “Giving Up The Gun”. It just so happens that the song got taken down from L’Homme Run’s myspace. Hmm……

The L’Homme Run “version” is probably best compared to “I Stand Corrected”. It is a pretty good song, executed pretty well considering how young and inexperienced Ezra was at the time.

You can only wonder what they did with the song now. Reworked it, cleaned it up, put some spit and shine on it.

Although, it could just be one big fat coincidence. A pretty fat one at that.

[mp3] : L’ Homme Run – Giving Up Da Gun XL Recordings asked me to take it down! VW doesn’t want this version to be heard!

-A thank you to Hunter Lombard for bringing this connection to my attention!

-Also, if you guys want the rest of L’Homme run’s songs email me or leave a comment below! If there is some demand for it, I will make it happen!

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