Ah man, I remember seeing the announcement of a NYC Phoenix & Passion Pit concert this summer. I bought tickets the minute they went on sale, this was a must see for sure. Passion Pit may be the most hyped band of the year, and Phoenix had a reputation of putting on an absolute killer live show! So yeah, you could say that I had high hopes for this show!!

Passion Pit were tons of fun live. Seeing them in person makes you realize how young they are! They don’t look much older than me!! (I’m almost 19) Their songs really came to life, making the crowd dance and smile! I was worried about how Michael’s voice would sound live, but he sounded absolutely fantastic! I had a lot of fun watching their set!!

Phoenix came on, and put on a devastating set list that blew everyone in attendance away. They opened with “Lisztomania” and closed with “1901”, never losing any momentum. Their songs are unbelievably crisp live, they really come to life live. Thomas Mars is an exciting frontman, interacting with the crowd, and showing full investment in each and every lyric. He climbed big speakers, went into the crowd and sang, making everyone feel good!!

I am still smiling a day later from Phoenix’s live performance. It was really that good. They played practically everything from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, as well as classics such as “Too Young” & “If I Ever Feel Better”.

I left the show a happy camper. It only helped justify why Phoenix is one of my favorite bands as of late, and why Passion Pit have a great future ahead of themselves.

A great rock show that made me smile, dance, and lose my voice.

I got some photos off, a few of which I’m really impressed with! Ch-Ch-Check ’em out:

Phoenix :

Passion Pit:

[mp3] : Phoenix – Lisztomania

[mp3] : Passion Pit- Little Secrets

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