Phoenix are my latest obession. They are literally the only band that I find myself listening to lately. I just can’t stop listening to them. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is easily one of my fav’s of the year, and the rest of their catalogue is really making its way back into rotation as of late. I just bought tickets to their show with Passion Pit at Rumsey Playfield on September 25th. I also may try to scalp some tix for their show in Brooklyn this Friday. That’s how serious my love for this band has become!

To get this week started, I have the acoustic live performance that the band did for KEXP. They did really fantastic stripped down versions of singles “1901” and “Lisztomania”, as well as the delightful cover of Air’s “Playground Love”. I have been holding onto these vids/mp3s for a while and felt that it was time to share them with you since I have reached my peak for my obsession with these French lads.

Watch the performances below, and grab the mp3s!





Playground Love (Air Cover)


[mp3] : Phoenix – 1901 (Live on KEXP)

[mp3] : Phoenix – Lisztomania (Live on KEXP)

[mp3] : Phoenix – Playground Love (Air Cover) (Live on KEXP)

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