Luckily I am home for spring break, and I was able to catch my first show in NYC since Animal Collective almost 3 months ago! That is the only downfall of attending college upstate. Missing so many shows kills me 🙁 !!

Last night I made the trip down to The Bell House in Brookyln to finally catch the Rural Alberta Advantage live. The opener was And The Moneynotes, and the main act was The Spinto Band. I have been meaning to for a few months, it was long overdue! The RAA have been getting constant plays from me ever since I discovered their brilliant debut album “Hometowns” last year. It was pretty jaw dropping to find out that they were unsigned, but I talked Paul, their drummer and he told me they are going to re-release Hometowns on a label. Great for them!

And The Moneynotes opened the night with a really fun blend of western swing (as they call it on their myspace!). They were a lot of fun to see live, they had tons of energy and were having a lot of fun playing music. Their songs were full of melody, singing contributions from all members, and big chorus’s. One song that I really enjoyed was “Bolinda”.


The RAA didn’t waste much time getting set up. They played a great set full of all the energy and passion that made “Hometowns” the powerful album that has created tons and tons of well deserved buzz. Paul’s drumming is rediculously good, the power that drives all the songs is just as much a presence live. The raw emtotion and loudness of Nils voice was big enough to fill up the entire room and more. Everything that made their debut so great and delightful was present at the Bell House last night. The crowd really got into their set bouncing around to their really loud power filled sound. They really produce a thunderous sound for only 3 people. Amy’s delicate vocals and keyboards provide a calmer aspect of the band that really gives them a complete sound.

One after the other each song sounded better and better. Nils vocals were dry and raw, screaming each lyric with passino. Paul’s drumming was so fast that every photo I took of him came out with blurred hands, or multiple drumsticks! The songs are great when you blast it at home, but when you see this band live you really get to experience an amazing band first hand. They are without a doubt one of the best new bands to emerge, and one of my favorites.

Watch out for “Hometowns’ to get re-released over the summer, as well as another NYC show in July for all of you New Yorkers!

[mp3] : Rural Alberta Advantage – Edmonton

[mp3] : Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place

Please visit the RAA at their myspace

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