Back in December I introduced you guys to The Local Natives, and told you that they were a band that would be making a splash in 2009. The band has kept in touch with me and has given a full update on what they are up to. They are in the process of getting their debut album Gorilla Manor” ready for release this year. You already should be well acquainted with “Airplanes”, it an absolutely outstanding track that you shouldn’t go without. In addition I have heard “World News” and “Stranger Things” and they only continue to impress me. These guys are on their way to making one impressive debut. I put the tracks below for your streaming pleasure.

The band is also making a stop at SXSW and if you are attending & wanna find out what the band is all about look at the attached poster with their set times:

The band also recorded some tracks with Daytrotter in January and our planning to release a 5 song EP with some unreleased recorded tracks. If you see the band at SXSW you may be able to snag a hard copy. Finally, check out a breathtaking rendition of Airplanes that the band did in an abandoned NYC warehouse. A bit of reverb heaven. It is after the mp3 below:

[mp3] : Local Natives – Airplanes

To stream their new song World News visit here

Airplanes Live In an Abondoned Warehouse:


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