When listening to the wonderful band Ra Ra Riot the death of their original drummer John Ryan Pike often comes to my mind. It always saddens me to think about the death of a man not too much older than myself who had a wonderful future with such a great band. More importantly John was always known for his kind nature and being a really outstanding individual. It has almost been two years since his tragic death but he is well remembered.

I bring up this sad topic because I recently stumbled upon a special blog. His mother Paula Pike has created a blog in order to keep John’s memory alive, as well as encouraging peeople to demonstrate the same acts of kindness that John showed. I just read through every post and it is some really heart-warming stuff. It really made me think about what values I hold important, and how I am going about life right now. I have let to many stupid things bother me, rather than enjoying the important things in life.

The blog is really special and whether you are a Ra Ra Riot diehard or just happend to pass by my blog I encourage you to read his moms blog, it is absolutely great. Share it with a friend, with a bigger blog, with anyone. This deserves to be read.

Visit Her Blog By Clicking Here

[mp3] : Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell

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