Here we go, the cream of the crop! My top 10 songs of the year. These are songs that really really stood out this year. These are songs that got constant plays from me and were truly memorable. These may not be the “best” songs of the year as I said before, but they are my favorite one’s and maybe I gave the wrong title to the post. Oh well, these songs rock. Click play, enjoy.  Leave a comment if you like it. Also leave a comment if you hate them. I want to hear your thoughts! Top albums coming tomorrow!!!

10.    TV On The Radio – DLZ

– DLZ didn’t jump out at me right away. After I was done obsessing with the first half tracks of “Dear Science” I dove in deeper to it’s second half and discovered the gem ‘DLZ’. The song has lots of restraint, with a calm bassline that builds up allowing Tunde Adebimpe to apply his powerful vocals. The song doesn’t over stay it’s welcome getting too loud or too fast. The music is powerful enough to sound bigger itself. TVOTR know how to write a proper song, and this is just one example of their genius.

9.    The Walkmen – In The New Year

– Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere. The Walkmen are all too good at creating a vivid setting or image through their music. First single ‘In The New Year’ is already a Walkmen classic. The Walken give us a repetitive guitar over a organ that lead way into Hamilton’s storytelling. The lyrics are fantastic, but what draws me in everytime is his vocal delivery, there is so much passion in his voice. The Walkmen are seasoned musicians who know how to craft masterpieces. Put this alongside ‘The Rat’ and ‘We’ve Been Had’.

8.    Blitzen Trapper – Furr

– First off, there is only a bit of Bob Dylan influence. This is what alt-country is all about. Good lyrics, storyteling (about werewolfs!), and a good acoustic guitar strumming. Furr has a fresh appeal to it that doesn’t ever seem to get worn down. The vocals are restraint but effective. The drums and guitars stay along with the beat and keep the song where it belongs. This song got plenty of playtime from me during all my moods, and therefore it is one of my top 10 of the year.

7.    Bon Iver – Skinny Love

– Bon Iver is magical. The genius of this man is shown through this track. Justin Vernon wrote one of the best songs of the year (I count it for 2008). The song has so much passion. It is folk music at it’s finest. His lyrics resonate of heartbreak. This is a song that does seem better suited for the winter. This song is a beauty, if you can’t appreciate it that I will ask you where your soul is.

6.    Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines

– This is hands down my favorite Okkervil River song. The tempo is set too perfectly with the acoustic guitar and bassline, once Jonathan Meiburg steps in the song reaches true glory. Jon’s vocals shine here, using the metaphor of sailing ships to describe how he is leaving Will and the rest of Okkervil River to focus on Shearwater. The lyrics are moving, and the song is quite epic. Those la la la’s do the trick each and every time.

5.    Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire

– I really do love Cut Copy. It is amazing how this song sounds 100x better and fresher every time that I blast it from my speakers. Everything going on in the song combines into 4:53 of perfection. It is a rush of all things right with dance-rock music, and once the sax comes in the song transfers into a state of pure bliss and it is amazing to hear. The atmosphere from this song is like another world. One that we all wouldn’t mind escaping for the night. “With heart on fire I reach out for you tonight”

4.    Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

– This is harmonies done at full force. The moment the instuments kick in is one to hold, it is breathtaking. The vocals harmonize so effortlessly it is scary. The song is just a clear standout in music. Robin Pecknold delivers some great moments on Fleet Foxes’s debut but ‘White Winter Hymnal’ is by far the best indication of what Fleet Foxes are capable of, and what good music sounds like in 2008.

3.    MGMT – Kids

– This is by far the true standout on MGM’s debut album. This song is so catchy, it is hard to deny those those keyboards. Andrew’s vocals kick in and you are just amazed at how perfectly it all unfolds. I don’t know why MGMT didn’t ruin with ‘Kids’ a lot more. At my college, me and my friends fucking love this song, no matter how many times we hear it we literally go nuts whenever it is on. It’s just a rush of energy with a big chorus that translates to immidiate gratification. This is a truly great song out of an album full of great songs.

2.    Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

– Back in January this is all that me and my friends would play at parties and in the car. The song was Hot Chip at full force blasting out incredible beats, big hooks, and even sincere at points. This song works because it is immidiate, accesable, fun, witty, has a great beat, and sounds like heaven. This song is as fresh as they came in 2008, and it is a dance floor masterpiece. “We are ready, we are ready for the floor.”

1. Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

– This is my #1 song of the whole year. It is also my most played song of the year. I remember the first time I heard A-Punk. The song was so catchy, I just played it over and over. It was amazing live, the music video garnered tons and tons of attention on youtube and even a little biy of play on mtv (bleh?). It became their biggest crowd pleaser, and rightfully so. The song just sounds so god damn good, you can’t help but like it. From the ‘Johanna drove slowly’ to those enthusiastic ‘hey hey heys’ you want to sing along. The beat is one part ska, one park punk, one part afro-pop. The guitars are so simple but effective, Rostam’s keyboards are as lush as ever, and Ezra’s voice is the only one I could ever picture singing this song properly. This is my anthem of 2008, this is what my friends, family, and concert goings LOVED to hear. It will never get old, and this song will continue to go up on my top 25 most played.

‘Look outside at the raincoats coming, say OH’

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