Wolf Parade bring something different to the table. The unique voice of Spencer Krug, along with the stage presence of Dan Boeckner, are the main reason for the original sound that this Montreal band uses to separate themselves from the rest. The already great songs evolve into something epic live. It took me three years of patience to finally get to see this magnificent band. This show did not disappoint.

Opening band Wintersleep brought a very loud atmospheric sound. They had a very powerful opening song that set the tone of their set just right. Their instrumental songs even had some traces of ambiance. They played a solid 40 minute set and didn’t overstay their welcome. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

Wolf Parade finally took the stage to a huge ovation and started off with You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son. Right from the first chorus I knew this was going to be one hell of a show. They stormed through a fast paced set playing all of the songs off of Mount Zoomer, as well as several of the fan favorites off of Apologies. The crowd went into a frenzy throughout the show, which was completely unexpected from me and even the band. You would not think that you were seeing a so called “indie band” with the way the crowd was moving. After playing An Animal In Your Care Spencer thanked the crowd for being so ready with some small mosh pits but asked us to be careful not to hurt anyone.

Songs like This Heart’s On Fire, Shine A Light, and Soldier’s Grin were taken to a whole new level live. These guys really took their songs and re amped them live. They really blew the doors off terminal 5. The epic Kissing The Beehive pushed 12 minutes and has become an instant live classic. They ended their magnificent show with the fan favorite I’ll Believe In Anything (my personal favorite too).

Wolf Parade really seem like a close knit group, with a tight performance. Spencer really sung his lyrics with emotion, showing where these songs came from. His voice is so god damn cool, it is amazing. Dan’s voice compliments it perferctly added another layer to the songs. They interacted with the crowd a lot more than I thought they would. This band really lives true to the idea of sounding bigger and better live. They put on one hell of a show.

Videos and photo’s I took are below:

Highlight’s of the show: I’ll Believe In Anything, California Dreamer, Fancy Claps, Shine A Light, Kissing The Beehive

Set List:
You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son
Soldier’s Grin
Call It a Ritual
The Grey Estates
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
Language City
An Animal in Your Care
Shine a Light
Bang Your Drum
Fancy Claps
Fine Young Cannibals
California Dreamer
This Heart’s on Fire
Kissing the Beehives

It’s a Curse
I’ll Believe in Anything

I”ll Believe In Anything

Fancy Claps

It’s A Curse

Wolf Parade:


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