Grizzly Bear is a band I still have to fully listen to. I have been meaning to get the album for months but never seem to get around to it. I have the song “Knife” and think it is really excellent, quite a beautiful track. I am very excited to catch them at All Points West in a few weeks. I saw them play “While You Wait for the Others” live on Conan and was amazed at the voice of both singers, and the melody behind them. It was pretty stunning, especially since they are live. I listened to it non-stop once it hit the web
.A few days ago they played another new track called “Two Weeks” live on David Letterman. They continue to impress, as it is another stellar song.. This band’s live performances beat many bands album’s recordings with the unique atmosphere they bring with them.

Their sophomore album is pointing to a gem if the rest of it sounds like this. These are some beautiful tracks. I gotta get their debut album right away.

Grizzly Bear – On a Neck, on a Spit (MP3)

Buy Their Album “Yellow House”

Buy Their Friend [EP]

Two Weeks

While You Wait For The Others

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