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The Drums Announce New Album: ‘Encyclopedia’

By Will Oliver, July 29th 2014

The Drums - Encyclopedia

The Drums will return with new album Encyclopedia on September 22 via Minor Records. The album will mark the first time since the Summertime EP that The Drums have recorded with just Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham.

We already heard first single “Magic Mountain”, and now the band have revealed the album’s tracklist and some insight into the album. Here’s a quote from Jonny about Encyclopedia:

Encyclopedia is full of magic and surprise while maintaining a serious, more weighty tone throughout. We were feeling very angry, confused, and alone when we made this album; and we wanted to be very honest this time around, even if being honest meant making some people uncomfortable. We’ve left the beach for higher ground, always searching for hope.

Based on the new directed heard on “Magic Mountain,” the band are staying true to their hearts and taking the ship wherever it needs to go. Got to respect them for that.

Can’t wait to hear the record. Check out the tracklist below.

1. Magic Mountain
2. I Can’t Pretend
3. I Hope Times Doesn’t Change Him
4. Kiss Me Again
5. Let Me
6. Break My Heart
7. Face Of God
8. U.S. National Park
9. Deep In My Heart
10. Bell Laboratories
11. There Is Nothing Left
12. Wild Geese

[new]: The Drums – Magic Mountain

By Will Oliver, July 15th 2014 — with 1 comment

The Drums

After three years, The Drums are back. No official word on the album yet (it’s coming), but today the band released a new 7″ single titled “Magic Mountain.” As frontman/vocalist Jonny Pierce told Noisey (who premiered the track), the band’s lineup now consists of just him and Jacob Graham (for the first time since the Summertime EP). Here’s the full quote from Pierce:

Not since the Summertime EP has it been just Jacob and I left up to our own devices. Now that we’re back to just the two founding members, we figured we could do whatever we wanted and run with it. Together, we had just one goal: let go of any preconceived ideas that anyone has about The Drums and make songs to be as grand and majestic as we want them to be. “Magic Mountain” is a sparkling reflection of our last three years. It’s about shedding off what binds you and protecting whats good, finding a safe place away from everyone and everything that wants to destroy you.

As a rather big fan of the band, the song caught me off guard a bit. While it is definitely very much The Drums, something about it hit in a different way. Although it has hooks, its not as immediate and clear cut in its melodic hooks as fans are used to. There’s a more raw, tense feeling in the air during “Magic Mountain”, which I think is a bit of a grower. It didn’t blow me away at first, but each listen has been better and more revealing than the last.

I can totally see this one being a monster to hear live.
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Bloc Party & The Drums @ Terminal 5 (August 8, 2012)

By Will Oliver, August 11th 2012

[singlepic id=737 w=614 h=409 float=center]
Bloc Party & The Drums. A top tier bill that really doesn’t get better than that. The Drums only got 30 minutes but did their job just like they have done every time that I have seen them to date. The band seems to still be missing Connor Hanwick on guitar, but the new guitarist fit in just fine. The band seems to get tighter and tighter every time I see them, with Johnny’s vocals sounding far more improved than the first time I saw them – way back during CMJ 2012.

[singlepic id=712 w=614 h=409 float=]

Bloc Party started with “So He Begins To Lie”, the heavy track that opens their new album Four. They dabbled with songs from all albums throughout the night, mostly staying true to their first two albums. Positive Tension marked an incredible transition during the show. The band and crowd energy merged into one chaotic energy that made me realize that this show was not going to be like any other show. The band absolutely nailed “Banquet”, putting everyone into a sweaty frenzy. “One More Chance”, found a new life live, becoming a really fun dancey treat on that evening. The band ended their first set with high energy performances of “This Modern Love” and “Like Eating Glass” that was breathtakingly incredible. It was like reliving my first listen of Silent Alarm again. I don’t think I’m alone with my fellow attendees who had no voice left after these songs. The set was hardly over as the band returned for 2 encores.

The first saw powerful performances of “The Prayer” and Helicopter” while the finale one included new single “Octopus” and the dance-friendly “Flux”.

Bloc Party are really back folks. I haven’t felt this enthusiastic about this band in years. They seemed to be really in-tune and ready to go out and perform. They brought their A-game for this show, and it will be hard for me to find another show that made me feel this good.

Glad to have you back Bloc Party.

Find photo galleries from both bands below.
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The Drums // Craft Spells @ Webster Hall (April 22, 2012)

By Will Oliver, April 23rd 2012 — with 1 comment

Part Time were the first opener, hailing from San Francisco. They sounded a lot like Ariel Pink to me. Craft Spells followed and put on a pretty high energy, set that got people’s feet moving. Justin Paul Vallesteros vocals didn’t sound as good as I hoped, but he adjusted well during the second half of their set. The faster paced songs definitely do the band more good live.

The Drums seemingly sound better every time I see them. Although they had another new live drummer and were without guitarist Connor Hanwick. They didn’t miss a beat though playing through most of Portamento, and the hits from their debut. They finished strong with “The Future” and “Let’s Go Surfing”, leaving me more than satisfied. I’m already counting down the days until they open for Bloc Party. See you then.

Hit the jump for photos from all three bands.
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Bloc Party Announce NYC Show With The Drums

By Will Oliver, April 12th 2012

The last time I saw Bloc Party was at United Palace Theater in 2007. They’ve changed a lot since then, and so have I. So it’s appropriate for me to be perfectly excited that they have announced a new NYC show. It will take place at Terminal 5 on August 8. The Drums are opening (they’re both signed to Frenchkiss). This is a no-brainier folks. It’s their first NYC show in nearly 3 years.

Tickets go on sale for the Terminal 5 show on 4/20 at noon. The good old Amex pre-sale takes place 4/18 also at noon. Here’s the link to purchase tickets, from your friendly neighborhood ticketmaster.

Bloc Party are also playing Lollapalooza. Find the rest of their tour dates below.
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The Drums @ Bowery Ballroom (11/2/2011)

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2011 — with 1 comment

Wednesday night’s show at Bowery Ballroom was the third time I’ve seen them this year. I’ve enjoyed ever performance more than the last, and this show was no different. The band sounds as tight as can be with the new lineup, and they really gave it there all. The set saw a fair breakdown between both Portamento and The Drums. They also played early cuts “I Felt Stupid” & “Baby It’s Not The Point”.

Johnny was one point last night, as entertaining as ever with his dramatic moves. If you’re a fan of the band, don’t sleep on their live show. It re-creates the mood and emotions found on their recordings, focusing on the best elements that just jump out live. “Down By The Water” and “The Future” are two examples of songs that really transform live. Hearing “What You Were” live after spending amble time with the recording solidified it as one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Check out some more photos and the setlist, after the jump:
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