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Del Water Gap is the project of Brooklyn’s S. Holden Jaffe, an artist we first posted about on this blog way back in 2012.

He’s come quite a long way since then and these days is a signee to Terrible Records, who will release his brand new EP Don’t Get Dark this Friday.

Jaffe’s songwriting and sound have expanded and come a long way in the seven years since that first post, as evident on the EP’s lead single, the triumphant “Theory of Emotion.” His songwriting ability and passion strike an emotional chord, one that feels raw, passionate and true. Like a slow dance with your loved one on a cool summer night while the rain falls ever so faintly outside your window.

It’s just one of the many gems from the EP, which you can listen to in its full glory come Friday. For now, enjoy a listen to “Theory of Emotion” below and find it available to purchase at his Bandcamp.

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Australian psych-rockers The Babe Rainbow will return with a new album later this August via 30th Century Records.

The band has returned with the first preview of the new album in the form of “The Morning Song.” It’s an easy-going and very soothing light folk display that tones down some of the psych elements and welcomes a breezy tranquil element that would’ve fit in right in the 70s.

Enjoy a listen to the very pleasant and accurately titled “The Morning Song” below.

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Night School – “Marigold”

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Oakland dream pop outfit Night School released their new album Disappear Hear on April 5th via Graveface Records.

“Marigold” is a track from the album, a shimmering and dreamy offering that shines brightly with some delightful production and heavenly vocals that remind of acts like Memoryhouse and Pure Bathing Culture.

Enjoy a listen to “Marigold” below and find the entire album streaming in full on their Bandcamp.

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Sorry, Marshal – “Neenah”

By Will Oliver, April 9th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Sorry, Marshal is the Baltimore-based brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Greg Pamer who recently released his debut EP, EP 1, back in January, a release that has seemed to fly a bit under the radar. But we are here to change that.

“Neenah” is the first track off the EP and it sure does kick things off in style, leaving a lasting impression. There’s plenty of shoegaze-influenced goodness laced throughout the track, mixed with a very 90s bouncy dream-pop sound that hit catchy, hard-hitting and instantly memorable.

Enjoy a listen to “Neenah” below and find the whole EP available to listen to or purchase at Bandcamp.

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j.r.- “Be My Man”

By Will Oliver, April 9th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Canadian singer-songwriter J.R. (full name Julianna Riolino) grew up with a heavy influence from her father’s vinyl collection, finding inspiration from countless genres such as classic country, folk, punk, and classic rock and roll.

You can find this wide range of influences on her breezy new single “Be My Man,” a track that is about 90-seconds long but packs a hell of a punch in that short timeframe, including guest appearances from The Dirty Nil, Daniel Romano, Dan Edmonds, and Single Mothers.”

Enjoy a listen to “Be My Man” below.

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Junodream – “Odd Behaviour”

By Will Oliver, April 9th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

London rockers Junodream will self-release their debut EP Terrible Things That Could Happen on April 12th. It’s a release we’ve been anticipating since they released the self-titled track last month, and first caught our attention with their song “Fire Doors” last summer.

Today we hit back with the latest track shared from the album, the expansive “Odd Behaviour.” This is the band’s most mature and interesting track released yet, expanding their sonic palette while still charming their way with elements of 90s rock and indie.

We still need to hear the rest of the EP but it’s becoming safe to say that Junodream is one of the most exciting young bands not just in England at the moment, but anywhere.

Enjoy a listen to “Odd Behaviour” below.
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Twinsmith – “Feels”

By Will Oliver, April 9th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Omaha-based indie quartet Twinsmith came across our radar in 2017 with their track “Matters,” released from their album Stay Cool that was released via Saddle Creek Records.

The band has recently returned with a new single entitled “Feels,” that is being released via Silver Street Records. The song has a big confident feel that is equally full of crunchy riffs as it is sun-soaked pop hooks. The band is currently in the midst of a mini-tour in support of the brand new single.

Enjoy a listen to “Feels” below and find the remaining tour dates as well.

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British singer-songwriter Chloe Foy is finishing up her current tour in the UK, with a few days of shows left remaining. The talented musician has recently returned with a lovely brand new single with “Oh You Are Not Well,” which further showcases her talent as a pure and true songwriting talent.

“Oh You Are Not Well” immediately strikes you with her passionate vocals and intricate delivery and well-crafted lyrics. It’s a track that soars and soars to new heights with every step of the way.

Then there’s her pretty cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You,” a song that is certainly not in shortage of covers. This is a faithful cover that she still adds enough of her own mix to make it a worthy addition to the collection of covers.

Enjoy both “Oh You Are Not Well” and her take of “Fade Into You” below.

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Sweden’s Delsbo Beach Club will return with their new EP A burger in Ã…kersbergaon April 26 via Rama Lama Records.

We previously shared EP cut “Another Day” and today we return with the equally winning “Cryin’ (Such a disgrace)” which feels like the sort of British indie rock anthem that we were hearing early in the decade that you just can’t quite find made with this much joy and enthusiasm and genuine musical chops.

Enjoy a listen to “Cryin’ (Such a disgrace)” below and find the EP available to preorder here.

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With Wild Beasts’ splitting up, it’s given the chance for former member Hayden Thorpe to explore a solo career of his own. We got out first taste of his solo output with the release of debut track “Diviner” back in February.

Today Thorpe officially announced that his debut album is also called Diviner and will be released via Domino Records on May 24. The announcement also came with the release of another new song with “Love Crimes,” which came along with a beautiful music video for the song that was directed by Alexandra Liveris.

“Love Crimes” is yet another beautiful offering from Thorpe who unsurprisingly is looking to deliver a lovely debut solo album, bringing just enough of elements of some latter-day Wild Beasts, while also stepping into some new unexplored territory at the same time.

Find the video for “Love Crimes” posted below, along with the tracklist for Diviner. The album is also available to preorder here.

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