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[video] Yellow Ostrich/Young The Giant Head To SXSW

By Will Oliver, March 10th 2011

HP & Spin are following three of my favorite young bands on the road as they hit the road towards SXSW. The three bands that they’re following are Rural Alberta Advantage, Yellow Ostrich, and Young the Giant. Cameras will follow the band as they travel to SXSW, capturing every step on their journey. So far they’ve posted the Yellow Ostrich and Young The Giant videos.

I’ve had the pleasure to see both live, and they’re fantastic. They’ve both been on the rise this year, and I couldn’t be happier than HP/Spin is following their journey.

Check out the videos:

Young The Giant:

Do you remember my CMJ recap of Yellow Ostrich’s show at Spin NYC? If not, this should refresh your memory. La Blogatheque was there to record the last two songs of their set. Now the glorious footage is up. If you look carefully, you may spot me. (Thanks to Mike for the tip in the shoutbox).

It’s a great performance, and I’m really glad I was able to be a part of it. Check it out below.

Yellow Ostrich, Traffique, High Life | A Take Away Show | Live @ CMJ 2010 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

If you still haven’t grabbed Yellow Ostrich’s newest album, The Mistress, download it here and pay your own price.

[CMJ] Yellow Ostrich @ Spin NYC (La Blogotheque Session 10/22/2010)

By Will Oliver, November 14th 2010 — with 2 comments

There was plenty of cool shows during CMJ, but one of the coolest moments of the week came from Yellow Ostrich. They performed at Spin NYC, and it just happened that the popular La Blogotheque was there to film a part of it. It was an extremely cool experience to see what goes on behind the scenes at La Blogotheque. They photographed the whole performance and filmed Yellow Ostrich’s last two songs.

Yellow Ostrich has been a longtime favorite of this blog. Hell, I’ve been a fan of everything that Alex Schaaf has done, even way back to his days with The Chairs. Yellow Ostrich has been a project that has been growing better and better with each release, and there’s no doubt in my mind that big things are in store for him. Now the band is stretched out to a two man team between Alex and Michael Tapper, formerly the drummer of We Are Scientists.

The combination of Alex and Michael is a flawless one. They played a selection of the gems taken from Yellow Ostrich’s latest album, The Mistress (which you buy via pay your own price here). It was my first time seeing Yellow Ostrich live, and I was really impressed. La Blogotheque had the cameras rolling for two of the highlights from The Mistress: “Whale” & “Mary”. It was a breathtaking moment that really shows the depth behind this band.

I can’t wait to re-live the magic once the videos go up. Who knows, maybe I make an appearance.

If you somehow don’t have “Whale” & “Mary”, grab them below:

[mp3]: Yellow Ostrich – Whale
[mp3]: Yellow Ostrich – Mary

Check out the rest of the photos, after the jump:

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View All Photos | Yellow Ostrich

Hey faithful NYC peeps, Yellow Ostrich is playing at Glasslands tonight, and I got a pair of tickets to giveaway. Trust me, you want to be at this show. Yellow Ostrich are on the verge of breaking out, and they just added Michael Tapper, formarly of We Are Scientists behind their drum kit for live shows.

This is their first NYC performance ever, so this is quite the special show. Show starts at 8:30 p.m. and I believe Yellow Ostrich may be opening the entire show. Soft Landing, Sherlocks Daughter, and SAFE, also play.

All you got to do to win is e-mail me asap at [email protected] with the subject Yellow Ostrich Tix. Sorry, Glasslands is 21 and over only. First person to do so gets a pair of tickets. Good luck ya’ll!

Yellow Ostrich – Morgan Freeman EP

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2010

My man Yellow Ostrich has a new EP out, and it’s pretty much an all out dedication to the man, the legend, the one and only: Morgan Freeman. Yeah, you know you want to download this bad boy. It’s a fun EP dedicated to Morgan’s career. The music is there, and the songs are quite enjoyable. It’s available to download for free over at Bandcamp.

You can also stream it below:

Yellow Ostrich

By Will Oliver, January 10th 2010 — with 2 comments

Alex Schaaf is an absolute recording machine. The man is the front man of The Chairs, who are always welcome to grace the pages of we all want someone to shout for! You can also add his solo project Yellow Ostrich, which is just as excellent! He released his new album Wild Comfort 4 days ago, and is allowing it to be downloaded for free in its entirety from

Alex Schaaf effortless creates sincere emotional bedroom indie rock that is easy to listen to, but also easy to fall in love with. Every word from his warm, delicate voice hits home with me. This is music that can warm you up during the coldest night. These really hit home for me!

Yellow Ostrich deserve your support, and you can do it for free! Go give Wild Comfort a try. It may be my favorite thing from Alex yet! If you need some motivation, listen to two songs from the record:

[mp3] : Yellow Ostrich – How Long

[mp3] : Yellow Ostrich – Little Tired

Human Heat – “This House”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Alex Schaaf, formerly of Yellow Ostrich, now operates as Human Heat, his new project which released its debut album All Is Too Much this September via Offline Records.

We had previously shared album cut “Best For You” and today we the delicately soulful touch that is “This House.” It begins with some simple but effective electronics before welcoming a full body of instrumentals and Schaaf’s familiar, welcoming vocals. His natural approach works wonders here and connectives with layers of emotion that aren’t forced but genuinely created and delivered.

Enjoy a stream of “This House” below, and stream/buy the whole album over at the Human Heat bandcamp page.

Human Heat – “Best For You”

By Will Oliver, December 7th 2017 — with 1 comment

You may be remember musician Alex Schaaf for his tremendous work with the now defunct indie rock band Yellow Ostrich. After four years as Yellow Ostrich, Schaaf wrapped things up in 2014 (we caught their final show ever) and began a stint as a touring member with The Tallest Man On Earth and Tei Shi. Soon enough he got the desire to begin making his own music again which eventually became the start of Human Heat.

After an emotional breakup, Schaaf left Brooklyn and moved back home to the Midwest where the project really took flight and resulted in his debut Human Heat full-length album All Is Too Much, which was released in September via Offline Records.

Below I have shared with you guys the rather lovely and melancholic slice of carefully constructed synth-pop that still has Schaaf’s signature songwriting style and vocal delivery which is still operating like a charm. You can enjoy that below and find the whole album streaming and available to purchase at the Human Heat bandcamp page.
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Best Albums of 2014: Honorable Mentions

By Will Oliver, February 9th 2015 — with 2 comments


(artwork by Dana Pacifico)

There was a lot of great music released in 2014, a lot more than can be represented fairly in a top 50 list. Sometimes some quality stuff just slips through the cracks, just barely missing the cut. But that doesn’t mean that these albums didn’t get plenty of love from me throughout the year.

This year I decided to do a separate posts of some honorable mentions for albums that just fell shy of making the list. All of these are well worth your time. They’re posted below in no particular order or ranking:
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Favorite Live Photos of 2014

By Will Oliver, February 5th 2015


(Foals at Terminal 5)

There was no shortage of great shows to be found in 2014. You can find the best 50 that I saw in 2014 right here. Throughout the year, we took thousands upon thousands of photos, documenting every moment of these unforgettable shows. We put in a lot of work trying to capture the essence of these performances, and I wanted to share these photos with you in one giant collection.

These are not only photos that I took, but also photos taken by our great team of contributing photographers. They’re posted in chronological order, as there was simply no other right way to go about ordering the photos. Below each photo, is the link to the original post, as well as the photographer credit (if it’s other than myself).

So with that said, sit back, and enjoy our favorite live concert photos that we took in 2014. You can also find the gallery posted over at our facebook page. There’s probably one too many photos posted here, but we probably saw way too many shows.
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