Photos by Dave Scholten

New York’s very own Cautious Clay has had a busy 2019, releasing his brand new EP, Table of Context, playing all across the U.S. festival circuit and seeing his song “Cold War” get some pivitol placement in Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut Booksmart (one of the best movies of the year).

On July 16 he returned home for a special performance inside The Guggenheim at the Peter B. Lewis Theater, playing a selection of favorites from across his EPs.

Our photographer Dave Scholten was there to capture photos from his performance, all of which can be found posted below.
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Photos by Dutch Doscher

Yeasayer returned with their fifth album Erotic Reruns last month via their own record label, Yeasayer Records. On July 13 the band returned back home to New York for a headlining performance at Webster Hall in support of the record. This was our first time seeing them since they gave us a sneak peek of the album at Rough Trade NYC back in April.

Our photographer Dutch Doscher was there to capture photos from their performance last week at Webster Hall, which also featured an opening performance from Steady Holiday.

Find shots of both bands posted in the gallery below.
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Moon Palace – “Bold”

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2019

Photo by Jo Cosme

Seattle indie rock band Moon Palace, led by twin sisters Cat & Carrie Biell, have returned with their new single “Bold,” which is set to appear on their brand new album Shadowcast which will be released on August 23.

“Bold” instantly enchants you with its lush dreamy soundscapes and vocal performances, a track that channels some of the ethereal wonders of bands like Warpaint and Beach House, while also finding their own unique path and avenue to work their magic. Their space is one that operates somewhere between psych-rock and dream-folk and it works wonderfully on “Bold.”

Enjoy a listen to “Bold” below.
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The C33s – “Big Winner”

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2019

The C33s are a band that means business. Hailing from Manchester, England and making a no-nonsense punk rock that channels that many greats out of England, they have won me over with ease on their latest single, “Big Winner,” recently released via These Bloody Thieves Records.

Not a flashy punk effort but one that gets to the point and delivers the goods in a confident manner that has me interested to see what this trio has instore for us the rest of the year.

Enjoy a listen to “Big Winner” below.
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Adam Melchor – “Joyride”

By Will Oliver, July 20th 2019

Singer-songwriter Adam Melchor has caught our attention in recent months with amazing single after amazing single, most recently with “Plan On You” back in March.

Melchor has now returned with his brand new song “Joyride,” a smart and tender offering that has proven why Melchor has emerged as one of our favorite new songwriters. With a distinct and passionate sound that is utterly and completely his own, Melchor shows off some nice production flourishes with some well-placed horns and one of his catchiest numbers to date.

Enjoy a listen to “Joyride” below.
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Moon Under Water – “Don’t Even Move”

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2019

Moon Under Water is the project of Berlin-based British indie musician Michael Bloss who today released his brand new album Between Emergenices, a collection of songs written over the last two years that is released via Wading Birds Records.

There’s no better reflection of the record than the standout single “Don’t Even Move,” a track that has a big, triumphant, indie rock build that gets better and better as it goes along. It starts out with an intimate personal indie-folk refrain before building gradually and finding itself indie a rather expansive anthemic quality, while still maintaining a very raw and personal feel to it.

You can stream the outstanding “Don’t Even Move” below and find the whole album available to stream and purchase at his Bandcamp page.
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The Jon Johns – “Outlaw”

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2019

Swedish indie rockers The Jon Johns are a duo of musicians/producers who started making music together last year. They bind together the past and present with influences from across the decades and are set to put them to good use on their sophomore album.

We get out first taste on the wild first single “Outlaw” a track with inspiration from Tarantino movies and a retro vibe that wears its influences on its sleeve, while also adding enough modern charm and style to make it very much its own thing.

Enjoy a listen to “Outlaw” below and find the b-side “Three Weeks” streaming here as well.
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David Ellis – “Baby She Roam”

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2019

We first posted London-based musician David Ellis last month with the release of his debut single “Eyes To The Sky.” Today we return with his second single, “Baby She Roam,” which (along with “Eyes to The Sky” will be included on his debut album Misty Heights, due for release on 15th August.

The track has a mix of folk and pop influence that combine to feel like a super upbeat Elliot Smith track, one that captures the feel and identity of summer and runs away with it without ever looking back.

Based out both of these singles, Ellis’ debut offering is shaping up to be something special.

Enjoy a listen to “Baby She Roam” below.
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Vraell – “Expanse”

By Will Oliver, July 19th 2019

Vraell is a singer-songwriter from the UK who has caught our attention with his astonishing new single “Expanse.”

It’s an expansive folk take that puts equal emphasis on his breathtaking vocals as it does with the delicate and atmospheric soundscapes that give in both a larger-than-life and intimate feel, the sort of thing that we got from Bon Iver’s earlier work.

Enjoy a listen to the lovely “Expanse” below, along with a little insight into what the song is about, directly from his mouth:

The song encompasses that feeling of helplessness we sometimes get in the wake of life. How we all suffer under this weight, but when we just push ourselves to seek the new, we always come out of it with clarity and a feeling of rejuvenation and purpose. We aren’t so alone in our pain and when we realise our truth, our path, we can finally begin to start finding it and not feel so lonely and helpless, even if it is really hard for most of the time. This song is the echo of our collective pain, but also the hope that we can find peace and quiet in the daily noise within ourselves and come out of it better people.

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Monday Morning Matinee

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