Blushing – “The Truth”

By Will Oliver, February 5th 2019

Last January saw Austin-natives Blushing return with a 5-song EP entitled Weak. The band is back with a new music video for their song “The Truth,” which will be the first single from their upcoming debut album due out this Spring.

The band dive deep into the well of dreamy shoegaze and emerges with some fuzzy goodness that allows them to leave their own mark on the genre. The music video, which was directed by Kendall Chapman, is available to watch below. You can buy the 7″ of the single, with b-side “Sunshine” available to buy on limited pink vinyl, of which only 6 copies currently remain at their Bandcamp.
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Blushing – “Bliss”

By Will Oliver, February 6th 2018

Austin natives Blushing recently returned with their new 5-song EP Weak (via Austin Town Hall Records) featuring some dreamy shoegaze such as the very appropriately titled “Bliss.”

It’s a song that finds beauty in the spaces in-between the guitar fuzz and vocals, utilizing tempo and the pauses to envoke as much feeling as everything that fills the gap in-between.

It’s a wondrous trip to take and one that you can find posted below. The whole EP is available to be heard and purchased over at their Bandcamp.
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That Gum U Like – “Raika”

By Will Oliver, February 2nd 2018

Brazilian husband and wife duo That Gum U Like take us to the skies on their track “Raika.” It’s hard not to hear the influence of shoegaze legends such as Slowdive in the song which showcases their ability to make some well-crafted dream-pop.

“Raika” is taken from their EP The Black Lodge which was released in December. You can find the whole EP available to stream/buy on Bandcamp and find “Raika” available to stream below.
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Greenhouse – “Acetate”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Toronto based shoegazers Greenhouse hone in on classic masters of this sound on their own shoegazy offering “Acetate.” It works because the group has a natural knack for writing some pretty immediate dreamy hooks upon the blissful layers of fuzz.

The genre has quietly been kept going strong with the return of bands such as Slowdive and Ride and the future seems bright with promising young acts such as Greenhouse on the horizon.

Enjoy a stream of “Acetate” below and grab a copy for yourself over at their bandcamp.

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