The Hold Steady – “Denver Haircut”

By Will Oliver, June 25th 2019

The Hold Steady have finally announced their long-awaited new album Thrashing Thru The Passion, which will be released on August 16 via Frenchkiss Records.

The first single “Denver Haircut” immediately hits that ever-so-familiar The Hold Steady sound that has made us fall in love with them in the first place. Being their first new album in five years, this is the first album the current incarnation of the band that features both guitarist Steve Selvidge with returning keyboardist Franz Nicolay. The keys paired with that extra layer of guitar makes all the difference and the band sounds like they never ever left but also totally reinvigorated.

Black Pistol Fire – “Pick Your Poison”

By Will Oliver, June 4th 2019

Photo by Omar Kasrawi

Known for their wild live shows (we just saw them last month at Music Hall of Williamsburg) Austin, Texas rock duo Black Pistol Fire returned in May with their raucous new single “Pick Your Poison.”

The band run through some of their typical wild guitar licks and percussion adding up to a nearly 4-minute runtime of guitar rock bliss.

Read a bit about the creation of the song from the band below:

“This track was on the verge of being tossed by the wayside. Five albums deep for any band can be difficult finding that creative spark. As a duo, I find the writing process extremely challenging by trying not to repeating yourself within the limitations that you have to work from, but that is also what I love about it. Strumming a beat up harmony acoustic guitar at 2AM, was when it hit me! just take it back to raw unhinged rock roll. The concept was drawn from personal struggles over the last 6 months and the idea that we all have our vices and have to make comprises in life; scenarios where we must choose the lesser of two evils.”

Enjoy a listen to “Pick Your Poison” below
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The Black Keys Release New Song “Lo/Hi”

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2019

The Black Keys are finally back, returning today with brand new song “Lo/Hi,” their first new music since their 2014 album Turn Blue. The long break has been understandable, considering th band had toured seemingly non-stop since the release of their mainstream breakthrough album Brothers in 2010.

“Lo/Hi” is a welcome return to the band that draws back to the more blues-inspired garage rock that made so many of us fall in love with them, but also incorporating the bigger produced sounds that have made up their more recent era.

“Lo/Hi” was written and produced by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, and recorded at Nashville’s Easy Eye Sound studio. While no official announcement regarding a new album has been made, we can only assume “Lo/Hi” will be included on the long-awwaited new album.

Enjoy a listen to “Lo/Hi” below.
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[music video]: Heavy Heart – “Bed Bug”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2019

London alt-rockers Heavy Heart won us over in January with the dreamy shoegaze rock of their song “Bed Bug,” a song that channeled 90s influence with all the confidence in the world.

They’ve returned with an official music video for the track shot on a 9-lens analog camera, with direction from David Zbirka that captures the vintage feeling of track quite well.

Enjoy the music video for “Bed Bug” below.
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Low Hum – “Strange Love”

By Will Oliver, January 28th 2019

Low Hum, the project Hawaiian born producer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Desha, will release his debut album Room To Breathe on June 7th via Last Gang Records.

“Strange Love” is the lead single recently released from the album, channeling some vintage psych-rock grooves hard. There are some early Tame Impala vibes felt here for sure, with some dreamy vocals leading the charge of a proggy guitar attack. An album of songs of this quality certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Enjoy a listen to “Strange Love” below via the official video, which was animated by Bryan Lee
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Warbly Jets – “Propaganda”

By Will Oliver, December 20th 2018

Los Angeles rockers Warbly Jets will return with new EP Propaganda on January 4 via Rebel Union Recordings. This winter has been a busy one for the L.A. group, whose single “Alive,” was just featured last month in the opening scene of Marvel’s Spider-Man game for PS4.

The Propaganda EP marks the kickoff of the next chapter for the American rockers who wrote, recorded, and produced every note of the EP themselves at Ultrasound Studios in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s what the had to say about that process:
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Bob Mould – “What Do You Want Me To Do”

By Will Oliver, December 2nd 2018

Former Hüsker Dü member Bob Mould will return with his new solo album Sunshine Rock, which will be released via Merge Records on February 8.

It’s a typically strong and fast-chugging rocker from Mould that he describes as “a quick take on shaky relationships, coincidental debauchery, and the emptiness that typically follows such follies.”

Find “What Do You Want Me To Do” available to stream below.
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Hussy – “Forever”

By Will Oliver, December 1st 2018

Last month we shared with you a song titled “Slayer” from an artist named Hussy, the South East London-based project of multi-instrumentalist Sophie Nicole Ellison, who records, layers, produces and plays all instrumentations herself at her home studio.

She’s returned with her deliciously fuzzy new offering “Forever.” She continues her trek towards creating this passionate and raw grunge-inspired rock that feels very 90s in the best way possible mixed with some of the new age explorations of a modern act like Warpaint.

Enjoy a stream of “Forever” posted below.
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Sam Fender – “That Sound”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

Sam Fender is a UK-based singer who is preparing for the release of his debut EP Dead Boys on November 20 via Polydor Records.

Fender made it on the BBC Sound Of 2018 poll and has been on the road all year preparing for this moment. Right now that moment is the EP’s lead single “That Sound,” a larger-than-life anthem that is quite a statement from a new artist.

Find a stream of “That Sound” below and stay tuned for the EP later this month. You can also find his performance of song “Dead Boys” live on Jools Holland here.
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Keuning – “Prismism” and “Restless Legs”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning will release his debut album Prismism on January 25 2019. The album was written and recorded and his home studio in San Diego and was built from the hundreds of voice memos that he stockpiled while touring with The Killers for the past decade, soon evolving into songs of his own.

So far he’s released two songs from the album, the electro-tinted title track “Prismism” and the more Killers-esque “Restless Legs.” Both tracks showcase Keuning’s own voice as he seems to be having fun exploring some new avenues here.

Find the official music videos for both tracks posted below and catch his debut solo New York City peformance at Mercury Lounge on November 12. Tickets can be found here.
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