Savoir Adore – “When The Summer Ends”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

Brooklyn indie act Savoir Adore began writing their single “When The Summer Ends” almost four years ago, “sitting together at a piano with a simple idea.” It’s since blossomed into a full-on indie pop jam that captures the idea of “every summer is a special one, and there’s nothing quite like that haze of nostalgia…all of the emotions and energy connected to the passing of time, and how we grow with it.

Can see “When The Summer Ends” sneaking its way into some big visual moments, whether it be on TV, a movie trailer, or a movie itself. It just has…”that sound.”

Find a stream of “When The Summer Ends” below and grab your own copy here.

FEMME – “All For You”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

I was introduced to London producer Laura Bettinson, better known as FEMME, when I caught her opening for GEMS at Glasslands (RIP) in 2013. Her single “Fever Boy” was soon a hit and the sky was seemingly the limit after Charli XCX invited her to open for her on tour. She was courted by many big major labels but decided to stay away from this path and instead stick to the independent route.

She’s recently returned with her very 90s house single “All For You,” a very easy-going and joyous listen that blends the worlds of electronic and pop to a winning fashion. You can find “All For You” streaming below and if you dig it grab yourself a copy from iTunes.

Christine and the Queens will return with her sophomore album Chris on September 21, with release from Because Music. We previously shared with you the great video for her big comeback single “Girlfriend” and today we return to share the video for second single,”Doesn’t Matter.”

Another winning pop song by Christine, the song “wrestles with a higher power in order to reach a driving and powerful incantation of soothing hope against mounting misery.” The video, directed by Colin Solal Cardo and produced by La Blogothèque, features her showing off some more killer dance moves that are perfectly choreographed to the song in only a way that she could pull off.

Find the video posted below and the new album is available to preorder here.
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Mr Little Jeans – “Forgetter”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

Monica Birkenes, better known as Norwegian pop singer Mr Little Jeans, has returned with her new single “Forgetter.”

It’s a soulful pop take that has some sharp production that sounds like a bit of a middle ground between the production of say Rostam, Maggie Rogers and even some Dirty Projectors vibes hidden underneath it all.

Find a stream of “Forgetter” below and it’s available to buy here.
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Cathedrals – “Behave”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2018

San Francisco synth-poppers Cathedrals, the duo of Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin, have kept plenty busy with their batch of recent singles that have been steadily coming out since last year. They recently returned with yet another one with “Behave.”

The track allows Jenkins to bring her soulful pop vocals and work them in an electro-pop environment that perfectly suites her. It’s one of their biggest pop moments to date but one that definitely suits their sound and direction.

Find a stream for “Behave” posted below and the track is available to grab for a free download from the band right here.
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La Force – “You Amaze Me”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2018 — with 1 comment

La Force is the project of Canadian singer Ariel Engle, best known as a current member of Broken Social Scene. She’s also married to Broken Social Scene’s Andrew Whiteman, who she also released music with through their previous project AroarA.

She’s embarked on a solo career of her own and has recently shared her new single “You Amaze Me,” which is released via Arts & Crafts. Written about Whiteman, the song is a very chill and pleasant pop track that showcases some lovely arrangements and her commanding vocals. Anyone who has seen Broken Social Scene live can attest to their raw power.

You can find “You Amaze ME” available to stream below and to purchase here.
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Bahari – “Fucked Up”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2018

California independent alternative electronic trio Bahari have recently released their new single “Fucked Up,” a song that combined the world of tender ballads with the workings of a pristine sounding world of electronic synth pop.

The track has gotten an official music video that is directed by Zac Wolf who shows the trio playing the song while a vast array of beauitful covers take turn bathing the room as the song unfolds.

Find the video for “Fucked Up” posted below.
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Nedelle Torrisi – “Complicated”

By Will Oliver, May 29th 2018

Singer Nedelle Torrisi recently released her new album Only For You(via Frenchkiss Records) and today we share one of its singles, “Complicated.”

It’s a lovely track that showcases Torrisi’s beautiful vocal range, all layered in front of some lush arrangements that have a vintage 60s vibe. Torrisi has worked alongside the likes of Sufjan STeves, Ariel Pink, and Dev Hynes, so it’s clear that she has plenty of chops to produce some killer tracks of her own.

Enjoy a stream of “Complicated” below and find the entire album available to stream and purchase from Bandcamp.
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Lilyer – “Never Getting Closer”

By Will Oliver, February 6th 2018

Growing up in Norway, Marte Solbakken was raised by two musician parents. But when her family fell apart, she quit music and didn’t pick up an instrument for nearly a whole decade. This finally changed during a New York blizzard, where she picked up a guitar again and began writing what would become her first songs.

She eventually spent time in bands as a member of WATERS and fronting Elskling. Both of these experiences were leading up to her launching a solo project of her own under the name Lilyer for which she will release her debut EP Maybe This Is All You Can Be on April 13 via Norweigan record label Jansen Records.

Lead single “Never Getting Closer” is a perfect first glimpse at the talented musician who seems to be a natural fit for glowing electro-pop that is done in both grand and intelligent fashion. If only American pop music was this good.

Find “Never Getting Closer” below and find it available to buy on her Bandcamp.
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Livia Blanc – “Chocolat Café Passion”

By Will Oliver, February 2nd 2018

Livia Blanc is a French singer who now calls Brooklyn home. She recently released her new single “Chocolat, Café, Passion” cinematic pop perfection that sounds like it could’ve come from a sunny studio session in the 60s. This is the sort of bright and uplifting song that we need at the moment and the lush production makes this thing pop and shines with some lovely string arrangements that give it a particular shine.

Enjoy a stream of “Chocolat Café Passion” below and find the song available buy over on iTunes if you’re digging it as much as I am.

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