Jesse Jo Stark – “Mystery”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

Los Angeles singer Jesse Jo Stark, who we just caught opening for The Vaccines at Music Hall of Williamsburg, is back with new single “Mystery,” a follow-up to her debut EP Dandelion, released just this summer.

“Mystery” is a retro-fitted single that showcases her strong vocals that recall a bit of that rearview mirror focused vocals that Lana Del Rey broke out with. It has a pretty big chorus that takes it all home in a nice fashion.

Check out “Mystery” below and if you dig it, you can purchase a copy here.

S P A C E – “Great”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

S P A C E is the duo of Bryan Neff & Greg Tuzin, who came from a background in art, design, film, and photography. They used these influences to come together and create something with S P A C E. Take their fresh new single “Great” a track that has a super chill summery feel that winningly mashes elements of electronic, dance and pop with a bit of a shimmering production style in the vein of Ratatat. This track has some undeniable mass pop appeal that has me believing that these guys could connect to the masses in a big way with this one.

Find out for yourself and stream “Great” below and if you really dig it, you can grab a free download from them right here.
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Shy Shy Shy – “Sober”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

Danish duo Shy Shy Shy released their debut album Make Up back in March, full of smart pop jams such as “Pretenders” and “Someone Else.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the duo of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard have hit back with “Sober,” a song that they wrote for a new Danish TV-series airing in Denmark, Finland and Norway this November

“Sober” is yet another fun and refreshing indie pop effort that they make seem so easy. The band have got their sound down pact and are only really getting started, which is exciting to see what else they have coming up in the future.

Find a stream of “Sober” posted below.
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Ariel Beesley – “You Always Knew” and “Mine”

By Will Oliver, September 17th 2018

Ariel Beesley is a Los Angeles based 24-year-old pop singer who released her debut EP last week (via Young Writers Records). We had previously shared her single “Slower Than Usual,” which opens the EP.

Today we shared two more cuts from the EP, “Maybe (You Always Knew)” and “Mine.” There’s a lavish 80’s pop production charm to both songs which show of a strong vocal performance that fits in nicely with the summer-inspired pop sounds that will help stretch out the summer feeling just a little bit longer. Both songs signal that this EP is a solid start to Beesley’s very promising career.

Find both “You Always Knew” and “Mine” available to stream below and the EP available to buy here.
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Aaron Taos – “Summer In The City”

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2018

Brooklyn’s Aaron Taos has hit back with a double-sided single that he’s entitled ‘august.,’ and today we are sharing it’s hook-filled a-side, “Summer In The City.”

This track is packed with smart indie-pop hooks that capture the tail-end of summer feeling in New York City to perfection. Taos clearly has a knack for writing smart pop songs and this is a true showcase of his talents.

Find a stream of “Summer In The City” below.
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Egoism – “Sorry”

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2018

Egoism is the Sydney-based pop duo of Scout Eastment and Olive Rush, two friends who shared a love of music and philosophies while sharing a bus back in high school. Ever since they’ve been learning how to write songs, forming in 2015 and releasing their debut EP It’s Wearing Off in 2017.

They’ve just hit back with their brand new single “Sorry,” a track that sits in-between smart indie-pop hooks and some shimmering shoegazy guitars that are a step forward for the band’s career and an encouraging sign for their upcoming new EP, which “Sorry” will be featured on.

Enjoy a stream of “Sorry” below.
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Be The Bear – “I Don’t Want To”

By Will Oliver, August 26th 2018

Be The Bear is the project of Swedish musician Christina Wehage. She caught our attention last winter with her infectious debut single “Erupt.”

Wehage since returned with an equally winning new Bear The Bear single with “I Don’t Want To.,” which she released on her own label Loud Attic Records

You can feel the joy and energy bursting through the speakers and this sort of pop song is done in a way that it seems only the Swedish can do. If only American pop was on this level…

Enjoy a stream of “I Don’t Want To” below and find it available to buy here.
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Savoir Adore – “When The Summer Ends”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

Brooklyn indie act Savoir Adore began writing their single “When The Summer Ends” almost four years ago, “sitting together at a piano with a simple idea.” It’s since blossomed into a full-on indie pop jam that captures the idea of “every summer is a special one, and there’s nothing quite like that haze of nostalgia…all of the emotions and energy connected to the passing of time, and how we grow with it.

Can see “When The Summer Ends” sneaking its way into some big visual moments, whether it be on TV, a movie trailer, or a movie itself. It just has…”that sound.”

Find a stream of “When The Summer Ends” below and grab your own copy here.

FEMME – “All For You”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

I was introduced to London producer Laura Bettinson, better known as FEMME, when I caught her opening for GEMS at Glasslands (RIP) in 2013. Her single “Fever Boy” was soon a hit and the sky was seemingly the limit after Charli XCX invited her to open for her on tour. She was courted by many big major labels but decided to stay away from this path and instead stick to the independent route.

She’s recently returned with her very 90s house single “All For You,” a very easy-going and joyous listen that blends the worlds of electronic and pop to a winning fashion. You can find “All For You” streaming below and if you dig it grab yourself a copy from iTunes.

Christine and the Queens will return with her sophomore album Chris on September 21, with release from Because Music. We previously shared with you the great video for her big comeback single “Girlfriend” and today we return to share the video for second single,”Doesn’t Matter.”

Another winning pop song by Christine, the song “wrestles with a higher power in order to reach a driving and powerful incantation of soothing hope against mounting misery.” The video, directed by Colin Solal Cardo and produced by La Blogothèque, features her showing off some more killer dance moves that are perfectly choreographed to the song in only a way that she could pull off.

Find the video posted below and the new album is available to preorder here.
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