The Black Keys Release New Song “Lo/Hi”

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2019

The Black Keys are finally back, returning today with brand new song “Lo/Hi,” their first new music since their 2014 album Turn Blue. The long break has been understandable, considering th band had toured seemingly non-stop since the release of their mainstream breakthrough album Brothers in 2010.

“Lo/Hi” is a welcome return to the band that draws back to the more blues-inspired garage rock that made so many of us fall in love with them, but also incorporating the bigger produced sounds that have made up their more recent era.

“Lo/Hi” was written and produced by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, and recorded at Nashville’s Easy Eye Sound studio. While no official announcement regarding a new album has been made, we can only assume “Lo/Hi” will be included on the long-awwaited new album.

Enjoy a listen to “Lo/Hi” below.
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Detroit singer-songwriter Stef Chura is back with her new album Midnight, which will come out via Saddle Creek on June 7. The album was produced by Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest whose stamp can be felt on her lead single “Method Man.”

The track explores a slightly heavier garage rock angst felt that shifts forms a few times during it’s brisk but effective 3-minute runtime.

Find some background on the track from Chura herself below:

A long time ago I was pondering the literal words “Method Man” while listening to Wu-Tang. There was a person in my life that I had a confusing array of emotions for, sometimes I was in love with him, I admired and looked up to him, I thought of him as superior to me. He was older than me and I was a teenager. At that age I experienced a titanic amount of anxiety that usually expressed itself as silence.

This song was born out of a total frustration regarding a man who seemed “methodical” to me. He was literate. He waxed poetic. Almost someone…how do I say this…that you wanted to be condescending to you? As long as they were talking to you. He drank a lot of energy drinks and had this overall outlook that no one understood him. That he was in on some kind of cosmic secret that I couldn’t get. He smoked so many cigs it stained his fingers yellow.

He was always talking, and I was so enamored with this person. I was always nervous to reply. He would go on and on for hours. He sometimes would look at me and be like “oh maybe you won’t get this…. maybe you don’t get this.” I was too terrified to say much.

Stream the track below, where you can also find the album art/tracklist, as well as some upcoming tour dates which include a performance at Rough Trade NYC on

Dublin rockers Fontaines D.C. will release their debut album Dogrel on April 12th via Partisan Records. Based on the amount of amazing singles that they’ve released over the past couples of years and ahead of the album’s release, it’s easy to say that it’s one of my most anticipated albums of the entire year.

Today they hit back with “Roy’s Tune,” a subtle centerpiece from the able that is one of their most gentle and contemplative songs to date.

“Roy’s Tune” was written primarily by guitarist Conor Curley who provides this background about the song’s origin:
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Mac DeMarco will return with his fourth album Here Comes The Cowboy on May 10th. It will be the debut release on his very own record label, appropriately titled Mac’s Record Label.

With the announcement of the new album comes the release of it’s first single, “Nobody,” which strikes a few funny parallels with Mitski’s 2018 album Be the Cowboy and it’s single “Nobody.”

The track features the more mellow and laid back Mac that we witnessed on his previous release This Old Dog, with some of the same lo-fi charm that strikes a familiar feeling that some earlier releases gave at the very same time. The album is described as having “the best romantic tunes the well-known romantic has ever penned,” and this seems to be the case based on our listen to “Nobody.”
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Indigo Bunting – “Lavender Mountain”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2019

Last month we shared with you Austin argivesp trio Indigo Bunting and their wonderous single “Reading Wrong.”

Today we hit back with the equally psych-driven b-side to the single, “Lavender Mountain.” With a passionate basis steeped in the world of old school sounds of acts like Beach Boys, the band give it a modern psych spirit that makes it a delightful listen from start to finish.

Enjoy a listen to “Lavender Mountain” below.
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She Keeps Bees – “Coyote”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2019

New York folk-rock duo She Keeps Bees will return with their new album Kinship on May 10 via Ba Da Bing Records, their first new album since Eight Houses in 2014.

“Coyote” is the lead single taken from the album, a darkly atmospheric folk performance that is in remembrance of Katie Lee, a folk singer, actress and environmental activist. The track has a beautiful power to it thanks to the vocals of Jessica Larrabee, which comes to a big climactic finish with some well-timed strings that bring it all home in epic fashion.

Enjoy a listen to “Coyote” below
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Savoir Adore – “Body Heat”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2019

Brooklyn’s Savoir Adore will return with new album Full Bloom on April 5th, via Nettwerk. We previously shared album single “Bloom” and today we return with their second single “Body Heat.”

The band continues their wide-armed embrace of electro-pop and it’s a fun summery listen that definitely is welcome right now during this snow-filled weekend.

Enjoy a listen to “Body Heat” below.
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T-Shirt Dream Party are a brand new band out of Manchester, England, formed by brothers Ben and Dan Dickson, along with their lifelong friends David Egbe and Sam Powell.

We came across their debut offering “Mellow Yellow (Smoke Trees)” and are impressed with their songwriting ability and tight production on this little delightful indie rocker that flashes some pleasant vocals and crisp guitar work. As far as debut singles go, this is a promising start that most certainly has caught our attention.

Enjoy a listen to “Mellow Yellow (Smoke Trees)” below.
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Shallou, the project of Los Angeles-based electornic musician Joe Boston has been growing a devoted following of late, as proven with his sold out performance at Bowery Ballroom in November.

He’s recently hit back with his atmospheric offering that blends the world of electronic with some more thoughtful ambient sounds that combine powerfully with the vocals of featured vocalist Emmit Fenn.

Enjoy a listen to “All Your Days” below.
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