Premiere: Mantra Love – “IDC”

By Will Oliver, July 18th 2019

Mantra Love is the Houston, Texas duo of brothers Derek and Fabian Silva. They’re back with their brand new single “IDC,” a song that today we have the great honor and privilege of premiering.

“IDC” has the cool swagger and charm of The Strokes with the more modern rock aspects of bands like Twin Peaks that give the track youthful vital energy that gives it some layers of depth and dimension.

Here’s what the song means, directly from the band themselves:

IDC is about when a person consistently uses you. They are an emotional vampire sucking you dry of every bit of empathy you have left until you just don’t give a shit anymore. You have given them all you can give and still they don’t ever return the favor. It’s always a one way street with them and you are just over it.

Enjoy your exclusive listen to “IDC” below.

Photo by Cooper Fox

Chicago rockers Twin Peaks have announced their brand new album Lookout Low will be released on September 13 via Grand Jury Music.

The band has continued to surprise with their mature evolution with every new album and based on the fantastic new single “Dance Through It,” their evolution continues strong. The album was recorded at Monnow Valley with producer Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, U2, Kings of Leon). For this album, the band’s mission was to capture the exhilarating vibe of their shows and based on this song, they’ve done just that. There are some strong Rolling Stones vibes felt here, something that suits them quite well.

Find the official music video for “Dance Through It,” which was directed by Ariel Fisher and Léo Schrepel, posted below along with Twin Peaks’ upcoming tour dates and the Lookout Low tracklist.
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[Premiere]: Elle Belle – “WKND”

By Will Oliver, June 27th 2019

(Photo by Casey Curry)

Los Angeles native Christopher Pappas has made a career as a versatile and prolific composer who has written music for NASA, composed an award-winning off-broadway musical and assembled and conducted his own orchestra, not to mention making music with his group The Everyday Visuals.

He now returns with his other proejct Elle Belle, with the release of the brand new single “WKND,” which we have the grand pleasure of sharing with you today as an exclusive first listen premiere ahead of it’s release via Little Record Company, the record label of Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley.
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TV People – “Healthier Days”

By Will Oliver, June 18th 2019

TV People are a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Dublin led by the dueling vocals of Paul Donohoe (lead guitar) and Len Rochford (rhythm guitar) featuring the drum work of Brendan Clarke and the bass riffs of Rob Kavanagh.

Only forming this year, the band have already released their debut single “Healthier Days.” The track featured a confident early 2000s New York swagger to it that seems like the work of a band whose been around for much longer. But the band sound tight and know how to put together a tight track that brings in plenty of classic rock influences, while also injecting it with a bit of their own DNA.

Enjoy a listen to “Healthier Days” below and find the track available to purchase at your own price at their Bandcamp.
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Premiere: Same Girls – “Wait”

By Will Oliver, May 14th 2019

Photo by Kiyo Vigliotti

Oakland indie rock band Same Girls are an indie rock band out of Oakland who released their debut album Young Minded via Text Me Records in September 2018.

The trio of childhood friends, Taifa Nia, Tyler Valentino, and Otto Janes are gearing up for the release of their new single “Wait” tomorrow. But lucky for you, we are the privilege of premiering it one day early for your exclusive listen.
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Jonah Yano & BADBADNOTGOOD – “Nervous”

By Will Oliver, May 9th 2019

(Photo by Kyle Berger)

BADBADNOTGOOD are always keeping things interesting and fresh, not just sonically but with their use of collaborations and teamwork.

Their latest collab is “Nervous” a brand new song they recently released with Japanese-Canadian artist Jonah Yano. “Nervous” is as smooth as silk, effortlessly blending elements of r&b, indie rock and soul into something that is very much unique to both Yano and the band’s identities. So much so that it’s surprising to hear that it’s just the fifth song that Yano has written, one that is apparently influenced by Joni Mitchell.
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The road to Vampire Weekend’s new album Father of the Bride (out May 3rd via Columbia Records) has been a long one. After a long six years, the band has been getting fans ready for the new release by slowly releasing new music. First, it was the grand single “Harmony Hall” and “2021,” then more recently “Sunflower” and “Big Blue.” Not to mention some pretty high-profile music videos.
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The National Release New Song “Light Years”

By Will Oliver, April 4th 2019

(The National with director Mike Mills)

The National will release their new album I Am Easy To Find on May 17th via 4AD. Along with the album announcement came the release of the opening track “You Had Your Soul with You.”

Today the band returned with another new album cut with “Lights Years,” along with its official music video which features scenes from Mike Mills upcoming short film for the album, I Am Easy To Find, which stars Academy Award Winner Alicia Vikander
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We can always count on Kishi Bashi to release great music and based on his newly released single “Summer of ’42,” he’s done it yet again. The track is taken off his new album Omoiyari, released via May 31st via Joyful Noise Recordings.

The swoonful track is as lovely and romantic as you’d expect from Bashi, with all the beautiful strings and thoughtful theatrics that is unique to his sound and something that I can’t imagine anyone else pulling off. We’re excited to hear what else Bashi has in store for us on the rest of the record.

Find “Summer of ’42” available to stream below, along with the Omoiyari tracklist and upcoming tour dates, which includes a performance at Murmrr Theatre on June 19th.
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DYGL – “A Paper Dream”

By Will Oliver, March 7th 2019

DYGL are a band originally from Japan who now call London home a have returned with their brand new single “A Paper Dream.”

The track takes influence from classic rock bands of the past and gives them a glossy new energy and shine that fits them oh too well. There’s an almost effortless charm to this track that absolutely shined through

Enjoy a listen to “A Paper Dream” below and be sure to catch them down in Austin next week if you’re in town for SXSW.
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