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Galapaghost – “Jellyfish”

By Will Oliver, May 12th 2019

Galapaghost is the solo project of Casey Chandler, and artist who self-produced and releases all his music on his own in Woodstock, New York, without a label, manager or backing band behind him.

Earlier this year saw him release the official music video for his soaring electro-rock offering “Jellyfish,” which was included on his 2018 album Sootie. The cinematic video for the track is fitting for its chill but soaring sound, directed by Alonso Lujan who filmed the video in Austin.

Here’s how Lujan described the making of the video:

Staying true to the inspiration of Casey’s song, that all familiar feeling of watching life pass you by, I wanted to encapsulate this emotion through a series of vignettes where we would explore both the contemplative beauty in the monotony of the drifting through daily life, and the chaotic energy of the dissatisfied mind.

Enjoy the music video for “Jellyfish” below.
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Ivor Lane – “I Wait Too Long”

By Will Oliver, May 12th 2019

Ivor Lane is an independent artist living in Chicago who released their first EP, Postplay earlier in the year.

“I Wait Too Long” is a haunted and touching effort from the EP that has a ballad-like quality that reaches deep and cuts through your soul. Their EP was written during a tough time for Lane, who describes it’s recording with the following:
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Katie Toupin – “Magnetic Moves”

By Will Oliver, May 3rd 2019

Katie Toupin is best known formerly as a member of Houndmouth but for the past couple of years has been building her solo career. This year we will finally get to hear her debut album Magnetic Moves out on June 14th via Symphonic Distribution, and based on the excellent single and title track “Magnetic Moves,” it’s looking to be a good one.

Today saw the release of the official music video for the triumphant track, directed by Greg Sheppard and Chad Blevins of Primary Forms. It captures the building grandiose nature of the track which goes for a much bigger, catchier sound than we’ve heard from the singer to date, while still keeping the heart and soul of her sound intact.

Enjoy the music video below, along with a list of upcoming tour dates.
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Photo by Anna Kuelken

Bedside. is an indie rock outfit established in early 2016 in Edmonton, AB, Canada that consists of drummer/vocalist Josh Brown, guitarists Katie Manchak and Brennan St. Arnaud, bassist Cam Mickasko and frontman Josh Nhan.

Earlier this year the band returned with their brand new EP Sentimental and today we have the chance to premiere their brand new music video for its stand out single “All Gone.” It’s a catchy song but one packed with a wide array of feelings that sounds like both the manic energy of a good dance tune but also one that packs lingering feeling of melancholy.

The music video catches the energy of the song while also the wash of emotions that come with it represented with a couple who are first seen dancing the night away together and then completely distant by the end of the video.

Here’s how the band describe it:

“All Gone” is about trying everything to rekindle a spark and facing the sobering reality that there is no spark left to find. Filmed by Michael B. Macdonald and Assistant Director Anna Kuelken, in Porto, Portugal and Edmonton, Canada. Actors: Anna Kuelken and Francisco Fonseca. Dancer: Ally Kinaschuk.

Enjoy your exclusive first viewing of the “All Gone” music video below, along with some of the band’s upcoming live performance dates.

bedside. Tour Dates:

May 4- Edmonton, AB @ The Chvrch of John
June 13 – Edmonton, AB @ The Common
June 15 – Edmonton, AB @ Highlandia Music Festival

Order the Sentimental EP here.

Rebounder – “Meet Me At The Bar”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

Rebounder, the project of New York musician Dylan Chenfeld. Our introduction to Rebounder came with his debut single “Japanese Posters” which was released in March 2018. We saw him play Brooklyn Steel in October and today we hit back with his brand new single “Meet Me At The Bar.”

Although just his second release, there’s noticeable confidence and growth in “Meet Me At The Bar” that sounds like a futuristic Strokes offering that has a loose pop feel that Chenfeld boldly makes very much into his own thing. It radiates with a style that shines through with a passionate NYC cool that is impossible to shake.

Enjoy the music video for “Meet Me At The Bar” below (which was directed by Louis Sansano and Chenfeld). and stay tuned for more on Rebounder, a band we are sure you will be hearing much more about in the immediate future.
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Shady Groves – “Pocket Knives”

By Will Oliver, April 24th 2019

Photo by Nicky Kassab

Shady Groves, the collective of Michigan-based singer-songwriters (with member Adam Fitzgerald now calling Scotland home), are preparing the release of their sophomore album Dreamboat via Underflow Records. They’ve already shared two singles from the album with “Quiet Wolf” & “Backflips” and have just returned with the music video for the third single from the LP, “Pocket Knives.”

Sonically, “Pocket Knives” is one of the most expansive and far-reaching songs from the band to date. They stretch the widescreen sonic nature of the track to something big and bold, while simultaneously allowing it to ring true with the expected passionate lyricism that we’ve come to expect from the group.

Below, find the music video for “Pocket Knives,” which was directed by Elaine Smith. We’re excited to see what else awaits for us on the rest of the album.
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Photo by Jen Miller

D.C.-based dream-pop outfit Humble Firehave followed up their last album Builder with a cover of Tear For Fear’s 80’s classic “Mad World.”

They have released the reworked version of the classic after living in Washington, D.C. during the Trump era, finding a new way to look at the song and focusing on the “the outrage felt by people who want to make positive change in a world marked by absurdity,” while also giving the lyrics new layers of dimension.
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Photo by Aaron Rice

LA-based songwriter/producer Chris Gale is gearing up to release his new record A Cloud on June 14th. The record was made over the past two years with his friend Brett Bullion following the dissolution of Gale’s former projects OSO and Warehouse Eyes. Gale was on the verge of giving up on making music in early 2017, losing faith in his ability to break through artistically and to make the kind of work he expected, but thankfully for us he decided to give record-making one last shot.
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Jenn Grant – “Raven”

By Will Oliver, April 10th 2019

Singer-songwriter Jenn Grant will release her new album Love Inevitable on May 31st.

She recently let go of her confident first single “Raven,” a track that came from a personal place for the songwriter. As she describes below.

“‘Raven’ came from a place of trying to find my own power when I was crowded with self-doubt. For me, it’s about taking a step into the unknown and learning to trust yourself. It’s about making a choice to let go of the idea that you needed something or someone, and finally stepping into your freedom.”

Enjoy a listen to the expansive “Raven,” which is posted below.
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