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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – “Affluenza”

By Will Oliver, April 2nd 2019

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, half of Austin band S U R V I V E, have combined their powers to score Rashid Johnson’s directorial debut Native Son, which opened this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Milan Records is set to release the score on April 5th and today we share the mesmerizing feature track “Affluenza,” which creates some magnetic and lush soundscapes that fully engulf you into the mood and texture of the film, even without seeing a single frame. Certainly a sign of a job well done.

Native Son will be released by HBO Films and A24 on April 5th, with a debut on HBO that day.

Enjoy a listen to “Affluenza” below.
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Disasterpeace – “Dependable As Moonshine”

By Will Oliver, March 12th 2019

Film composer Richard Vreeland, better known as Disasterpeace recently scored the film for director David Robert Mitchell’s Under The Silver Lake, which will be released next month via A24. We previously shared a piece entitled “The Curse of Edendale” and today we hit back with another new one “Dependable As Moonshine.”

The dark and haunting orchestra track takes you on quite a journey, changing moods and putting some wild imagery in your head with some dark jazz-inspired inspiration that definitely leaves an impression.

Enjoy a stream of “Dependable As Moonshine” below.
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English indie outfit Tindersticks took on the task of creating the score of Claire Denis’ new film High Life, starring Robert Pattinson. This includes a brand new song entitled “Willow” that features Pattison himself, a song that can be found on the film’s soundtrack when it’s released on April 5th via Milan Records, also the same date the film opens in limited release in both New York and Los Angeles via A24.

The haunting new track is a beautiful hypnotic listen, one that definitely captures the ethereal mood of the film, one that is a pretty wild journey, if we do say so ourselves (we caught it last October at the New York Film Festival). It also proves that Pattinson really can do it all.

Enjoy a listen to “Willow” below.
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While We're Young

James Murphy has a good relationship with director Noah Baumbach. Murphy scored Baumbach’s 2010 film Greenberg, and collaborated with him again for his latest film, the soon to be released While We’re Young (which I caught at New York Film Fest last year and reviewed for Monday Morning Matinee).

A lovely piece from the score called “We Used To Dance” has been released and shared via Indiewire. It perfectly captures the mood of the film (about middleage and finding youth in your adulthood) you and is just as lovely as a standalone piece of its own.

Stream “We Used To Dance” below, as well as “Only The Stars Above Welcome Me Home,” another song from the soundtrack that was previously released. Be sure to check out While We’re Young when it’s released in theaters on March 27. The soundtrack is released on March 24 via Milan Records.

Here’s “Only The Stars Above Welcome Me Home”:

Devonté Hynes – Palo Alto

By Will Oliver, April 28th 2014

Palo Alto

I’m bummed out I didn’t get to see Palo Alto at the Tribeca Film Fest last weekend, but it will get a release in early May. The film was scored by Devonté Hynes, who you may know as Blood Orange. He also made a song for the film’s soundtrack, a song also titled “Palo Alto.”

He did everything on the track (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Wurlitzer, Bass, Drums) aside from the back-up vocals which come from his girlfriend Samantha Urbani (of Friends).

“Palo Alto” is a lush and gorgeous track, something that would have been home on soundtracks of its fair share of 80s flicks.

Listen below.
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[new]: M83 – Ali & Matthias

By Will Oliver, November 13th 2013

M83 - Ali & Matthias

M83’s frontman Anthony Gonzalez just doesn’t stop working. He’s easily one of the hardest workers currently in the game. When he’s not releasing stuff with his band, he’s scoring soundtracks such as the Tom Cruise starring Oblivion or producing songs for The Killers.

He continues his soundtrack contributions with a score for the film You and the Night. You can find the film’s trailer over at MMM.

He’s already shared a song from the soundtrack called “Ali & Matthias.” It’s more of a lovely orchestration from M83, with a more dear approach, as opposed to the widescreen bombast that we’re so used to. Here’s the description of the song that accompanies its soundcloud stream:

Here is a new track from ‘You And The Night’. The soundtrack pays tribute to French soundtracks from the 70’s and is much more intimate than ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ and the ‘Oblivion’ Soundtrack. This score is really for lovers and ghosts.

Check out “Ali & Matthias” below.
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Arcade Fire are lined up to score Spike Jonze’s upcoming film Her. This should come as no surprise as the director worked with the band before on their short film Scenes From The Suburbs. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as a man in the future who purchases the world’s first artificially intelligent operating system. It basically turns human and causes Phoenix to question if one can love someone who really isn’t there. Read more about the film and catch the trailer over at Filmtastic.

It looks pretty great, and I can’t wait to see what Arcade Fire add to the film in addition to their new album which should be released on October 29, and may be titled Reflektor.

Explosions In The Sky Prince Avalanche

If you’ve seen the very underrated sports film Friday Night Lights, you know what Explosions In The Sky can do when given the task of creating a movie score.

Their latest venture is for the film Prince Avalanche, starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. Check out the trailer at Filmtastic. The film looks pretty solid, and with a score done by these guys, you know the film is going to at least sound great.

We get our first taste of their work with a track that they did with composer David Wingo of the band Ola Podrida. It’s called “Join Me On My Avalanche”, and it’s a stunning piece of work that has already put my mind into the feel and essence of the work, which is a sign that the musicians did their job.

Listen below.

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M83’s Anthony Gonzalez Scoring Oblivion // Listen To A Song Now

By Will Oliver, March 6th 2013 — with 2 comments


Based on the trailers, I was fairly interested in Oblivion. Tom Cruise is usually good (Jack Reacher was underrated), even if the whole apocalyptic world thing seems rather tired. But it wasn’t until this post by Rolling Stone that I learned that M83’s brainchild Anthony Gonzalez scored the film. He worked it along with composer Joseph Trapanese.

We now can take a listen to a song from the movie, a big scorching dramatic anthem that sounds rather close to many things we’ve heard in movies before, but it’s still pretty.

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