Aura Blaze – “Good While It Lasted”

By Will Oliver, July 16th 2019

Aura Blaze, is the New Jersey-based psychedelic rock brainchild of Rhode Rachel. He returned with his brand new album The Sparkling Black back in June, a track that combines some airy throwback psych-rock with some good old fashion indie-pop in the vein of acts like The Magic Kids. Take the bouncy and life-affirming single “Good While It Lasted,” which feels like it would comfortably sit in a completely different era.

Enjoy a listen to “Good While It Lasted” below via its official lyric video and stream. You can find the entire album available to stream and purchase on his Bandcamp page.

Secret Attraction – “Baby Blue”

By Will Oliver, July 16th 2019

Secret Attraction is the project of Phoenix/Arizona-based producer Derek Wise. He’s back with a brand new dream-pop single by the way of “Baby Blue,” which is featured on the brand new Stratford Ct. compilation, Sonus Auri. It will also be featured on his brand new EP that is due out in August.

At just a little more than 2-minutes long, “Baby Blue” effortlessly taps into that 80s nostalgia harnessing the dreamy nostalgia of that area and giving us some of the throwback sounds of the early days of acts like Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils. Absolute dreamy goodness.

Enjoy a listen to “Baby Blue” below.
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Arche – “My Only”

By Will Oliver, July 16th 2019

French indie outfit Arche has caught our attention with their simple yet addictive and seductive debut single “My Only,” taken from their EP, The A.

Like a mix of Tame Impala and Toro y Moi, the band navigates the psych-rock waters with a smart intimate bedroom pop feel that is striking and a total winner that wins you over with its simplicity but equally pop smarts. The fact that this is their first release is a rather mind-bending development, as the level of confidence that is found in the song is striking.

Enjoy a listen to “My Only” below via both it’s official music video and stream.
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Mortimer – “Align”

By Will Oliver, July 16th 2019

Mortimer is the project of Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Skyler Garn. He just recently released his debut EP Heavy Days, which features some great indie gems such as single “Align.”

The track has a great warm bedroom pop feel to it with sunny summery shadow cast that feels romantic and nostalgic at the very same time. It has that charming mid 2000s indie blog rock feel that seems to have been lost as of late.

Take a listen to “Align” below.
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Ariel Beesley – “Palm Springs”

By Will Oliver, July 9th 2019

L.A. indie rock up-and-comer Ariel Beesley hits back with her very summer-ready new single “Palm Springs,” the first proper single from her debut album.

The track, which was produced by Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge, is an empowering synth-pop effort that tackles Beesley going through a breakup and “concluding with the idea that I’m really fucking good on my own.”

Enjoy a listen to “Palm Springs” below and stay tuned for more from her forthcoming debut album very soon.
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Photo by Ellyn Jameson

“Dog Inside a Car” and “Talking” are two tracks taken from Los Angeles-based band Fell Runner’s new album Talking, released via coffee start-up, culture zine and label, YES PLZ.

The band instantly caught my attention with the album’s opening number “Dog Inside a Car” and the way it balances some more unconventional off-kilter alt-rock vibes with some more vintage wonderous elements that work together in a way that felt refreshing. Then there’s the strong rock effort with “Talking” that rides a cool wave off another strange eccentric vocal performance but the raw passion blends seamlessly with the more garage rock elements of their sound.

It doesn’t take long listening to Fell Runner to realize they are a band very much in their own world creating an eccentric sound that instantly stands out and grabs you, making Talking an essential must listen to album that I should be on your radar immediately.

Let’s start right now with both “Dog Inside a Car” and “Talking” streaming below.
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Lorelei – “I Am a Road”

By Will Oliver, July 7th 2019

Lorelei is the Sydney-based project of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy, who describe their sound as existing “somewhere in the middle, a swirling current of dark dream-pop.” They very much live up to this on their wonderous debut single “I Am a Road,” taken from their upcoming EP that was recorded at Parliament Studios with Lachlan Mitchell of The Jezabels.

The song takes the world of dream-pop and cracks it open and allows their own beautiful interpretation to shine through, like a bigger more expansive sounding Beach House with huge ambition and scope that has me eager and excited to see what other treasures that Lorelei share with us not only on their EP but throughout their promising career.

Enjoy a listen to “I Am A Road” below.
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Chloe Foy – “Without You”

By Will Oliver, July 7th 2019

Photo by Dan Wiebe

British singer-songwriter Chloe Foy is an artist who has been releasing a steady slate of singles and covers that have caught our attention every bit as much as the last.

The talented songwriter has returned with her brand new single “Without You,” a track that she says is “about loss and grief but with a little bit of hope in there too.” With some lovely accompanying strings and her typical warm familiar folk-inspired sound, “Without You” is a song that hits all the right notes.

Enjoy a listen to the new single below.
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Stray Fossa – “Eyze”

By Will Oliver, July 7th 2019

Charlottesville, Virginia trio Stray Fossa, follow-up earlier single “Swells” with a brand new one that they recorded in their attic, entitled “Eyze.”

The track channels that dreamy nature while also playing with the familiar atmospheric rock groove, this time dabbling in some more shoegazy elements that help give their sound a bit of a new layer of depth and dimension.

Enjoy a listen to “Eyze” below.
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Leisure Club – “Dirt”

By Will Oliver, July 7th 2019

Last month we shared Canadian-based indie rock group Leisure Club’s new single “Shoreline.” The band has recently returned with another great new track by the way of recent single “Dirt.”

The band takes their dreamy laid back sound and add a bit of oomph and guitar rock-led grit to create a tasty combination that is perfect for some summer blaring outdoors.

Enjoy a listen to “Dirt” below.
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