Primer – “A Broken Person’s Game”

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2018

Primer is the project of Michigan vocalist/producer Alyssa Midcalf, who also is one-half of the duo Parts.

Earlier this year she made her introduction as Primer with her single “Anesthetized”.” Today we share her new track “A Broken Person’s Game,” which is set to appear on her debut album Novelty, out March 1st on upstart Detroit label Young Heavy Souls.

You can feel the passion on her powerful vocals, as well as the sharp production of the track which like many of the album, was composed heavily on a Roland Juno synthesizer.

Enjoy a stream of “A Broken Person’s Game” posted below and find the album available to preorder now at Bandcamp.
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Azure Blue – “Shine On”

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2018

Sweden’s Tobias Isaksson aka as Azure Blue, will return in early 2019 with new album Images Of You. Today we share with you “Shine On,” the uplifting synth-led electro led single “Shine On.”

The colorful track has a big uplifting spirit to it, with a romantic feeling of passion as well as a dreamy productional style that fits his sound perfectly. It turns out the song and album were written directly to his girlfriend, with the words “floating around like romantic ghosts.”

Find a stream of “Shine On” available to check out below.
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Dear Japan – “Hollow Hearted Hands”

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2018

There’s not much out there about the mysterious band Dear Japan except that it’s “a new collaboration between yet-to-be-revealed artists from Hamburg and California.”

On December 21st they will release their new EP Hollow Hearted Hands and today we share with you the title track and second single released from the EP so far, “Hollow Hearted Hands.”
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Castle Pines – “Castle Pines”

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2018

This year we have already shared with you two awesome songs from California-based indie rockers Castle Pines, the memorable “Woo Hoo,” and more recently, “March Mellow.”

Today we hit back with their most recent released, the self-titled track “Castle Pines.”

this is a more somber and atmospheric affair than their two most recent releases, one that they describe as a “woeful and morose dirge-like musical ostinato that builds to a hazy fog of warmth and fond memories,” or more simply, “a sleepy opus.” The band, throughout a decade of struggle, uses its titular song to convey their story with the powers of reflection and melancholy.

The combination of the Explosions In The Sky like guitar textures and the deep vocal work of Leandro Barrientos, this track is haunting and affecting in many ways, providing a true emotional gut punch.
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Va Banque – “Transformer”

By Will Oliver, December 17th 2018

Va Banque is a collective of musicians from Cologne & Hamburg that was “launched as a classic band.” But since then, Va Banque has “dropped the solid band structure in order to benefit from the creative input of a more open concept.” They recorded their album In Einzelteilen (released via Baumusik) while withdrawn in a studio in Hamburg City, channeling the likes on moody 80s rock like Joy Division.

For a prime example, look no further than the atmospheric post-punk/new wave influence of the fluid album opener “Transformer.” What starts off as a more moody Joy Division-esque track expands to a more synth-laden journey to New Order, a fitting comparison in many ways.

Enjoy a stream of “Transformer” below and find the whole album available to stream and purchase at Bandcamp.
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Photo by Emily Finlan

Buffalo indie trio Tins have kept busy this year releasing a new album and touring behind it throughout the country and even finding time to release another single. Well even as the year is winding down, the band have one more release for us in the spirit of the holidays.

It comes in the form of a double cover release, featuring their takes of The Beatles “Not A Second Time” and Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From The Storm.”
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Golden Chow – “Island”

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2018

Brooklyn natives Golden Chow released their new EP (entitled EP) back in late October and today we share for you the shimmering single “Island.”

The song comes out swinging out of the gate with some colorful and catchy guitar licks and has a warm lo-fi quality to it that captures the aesthetic of early 2000s Brooklyn DIY that seems like a thing of the distant past these days. But these guys clearly know how to right a memorable chorus and this song is clear proof of that.

Enjoy a stream of “Island” via the official music video below and find the whole EP available to listen to and purchase at their Bandcamp.
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Deep Sea Peach Tree – “Mellow Richard”

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2018

New York-based trio Deep Sea Peach Tree returned with new 4-song EP Milk-Based Religion on November 30, including single “Haircut Confidence,” which we previously shared.

Today we hit back with another great cut from the EP “Mellow Richard.”

“Mellow Richard” has some great guitar work and a gritty nature to it that is put into contrast with some of the dreamier glam elements at play. These guys are still finding their sound in many ways, but they already have so much down pact that their songs already sound fully formed and realized.

Enjoy a stream of “Mellow Richard” below, along with a throwback cut to last year’s “June Gloom,” a dreamy Foals-esque track that was taken from their 2017 album Vaguely Navy.
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Robin Kester – “Peel The Skin”

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2018 — with 1 comment

Dutch singer-songwriter Robin Kester makes her debut release with her Peel The Skin EP.

After singing and playing guitar in several bands, Kester decided to start her own project and on her title track “Peel the Skin.”

It doesn’t take long when hearing it to be thankful that she did. She has a natural songwriting ability and a powerful voice and a good ear for creative powerful dreamy harmonies instantly putting your mind at ease.

Enjoy a stream of “Peel The Skin” below and find the whole EP available to stream/listen to on her Bandcamp.
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