Fanclub – “Reflection”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

Fanclub is an Austin-based indie trio featuring Leslie Crunkilton, Mike Lee, and Daniel Schmidt. They instantly won me over in August with their great debut single “Leaves,” a track which carries a lot of influence from 80s music in the best way possible. The band keeps this formula going strong ahead of the release of their debut EP Reflection, which will be released via newly founded Berlin-based label Friendly Reminder.

Following “Leaves” is the title track “Reflection,” which was recently released as the EP’s second single. They once again dazzle with an 80s influence synth-led indie rock gem that is about as smooth as it gets. They amazingly seem to have a vision and aesthetic that they have in mind and have nailed down to perfection.

Find a stream of “Reflection” posted below
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Laurina Sue – “Dark Side”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

Laurina Sue is an emerging music artist from Fremantle, Western Australia who has released her debut offering with single “Dark Side.”

For a debut, it’s incredibly confident and assured out of the gate with a solid indie rock groove that works like a charm. It’s uptempo and showcases a strong vocal performance and a hell of a lot of energy that is quite infectious.

Find a stream of “Dark Side” posted below and grab yourself a copy on iTunes.
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The Oceans – “We Really Miss You”

By Will Oliver, November 4th 2018

The Oceans, the Danish duo of Dan Joe & Linus Valdemar, caught our attention back in May with their single “My Copenhagen Love.”

The track is a part of their debut EP which was released this year via Stripped Down Records. Another winning effort from the EP is the very 80s-esque “We Really Miss You,” a track that calls to mind some of the timeless melancholic qualities of The Cure with a more 90s like approach with elements of shoegaze hanging to the side.

Find a stream of “We Really Miss You” posted below.
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Shy Shy Shy – “Sober”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

Danish duo Shy Shy Shy released their debut album Make Up back in March, full of smart pop jams such as “Pretenders” and “Someone Else.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the duo of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard have hit back with “Sober,” a song that they wrote for a new Danish TV-series airing in Denmark, Finland and Norway this November

“Sober” is yet another fun and refreshing indie pop effort that they make seem so easy. The band have got their sound down pact and are only really getting started, which is exciting to see what else they have coming up in the future.

Find a stream of “Sober” posted below.
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BNNY RBBT – “Monster” and “Ghost House”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

The ever-interesting and mysterious story of BNNY RBBT continues with the “discovery” of A Bnny Nghtmr II, an album that was claimed to be discovered “after being buried in a trunk since 1994.”

The fun way that these songs have been out there is certainly a part of the charm of the project, but it also helps that BNNY RBBT is making some extremely weird but strangely addictive pop that quite clearly has an aesthetic and sound established – all the way back when he shared with us his first track “Big World” early last year.

Both “Ghost House” and “Monster” are strange little earworms that work quite well with the still lingering vibe of Halloween and the fall season as a whole.

Find and enjoy both tracks streaming below.
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HUSSY – “Slayer”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

HUSSY is the avant-guard dream pop project of South East London based multi-instrumentalist Sophie Nicole Ellison.

She’s recently released her shoegaze-inspired track “Slayer” that sounds like it came straight out of the 90s, with all the lo-fi charm and fuzzy guitar work that she molds into something very much of her own.

Find a stream of “Slayer” posted below.

La Femme – “Runaway”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

French krautrock-inspired electro-psych band La Femme wrote the 20-minute epic track “Runaway” as the soundtrack to fashion designer Hedi Slimane’s latest showcase for the luxury clothing brand, CELINE.

The track takes listeners for quite a ride, navigating waters of various genres and speeds, changing lans from electronic and dance to some more experimental sounds, both of which they mix and pull off confidently as ever.

In late August we were swept away by the beautiful sounds of “Broken Glasses,” a stunner from British outfit Sonny Elliot – the brotherly duo of Chris and Joe Peden. Broken Glasses is also the name of their new EP which was released on October 12.

Today we are here to share with you the other two tracks that round out to form the EP: “Misguided Angel” and “Surrender.”

Both offerings are equally sensual and atmosphere based that hit deep on a personal level and could honestly find some pretty fitting placement on either the big screen or TV.

You can listen to both tracks below and find the whole EP available to listen to or buy at their Bandcamp.

Francis – “Wild Heart’

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

Swedish indie-pop group Francis has won me over of late with winnings tracks such as “Swing” and more recently, this year’s “All I Want.”

They’re back again with new single “Wild Heart,” a song that swings for the fences with a bigger and slightly more pop-friendly approach.

Find a stream of “Wild Heart” available to check out below and if you like it you can grab it over at Bandcamp.
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