Maybird – “Things I Remember from Earth”

By Will Oliver, May 7th 2019

Rochester psych-pop quartet Maybird recently let go of their new album Things I Remember from Earth released via Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records.

We previously shared album cuts “Gonna Lose Your Mind” and “Don’t Keep Me Around,” and today we share the opening track “Things I Remember from Earth.”

It’s a widescreen psych rock journey that sounds like a glamorous soundtrack for an epic journey through space, a pitch-perfect way to set up the tone for the rest of the album.

Enjoy a listen to “Things I Remember from Earth” below.
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Rebounder – “Meet Me At The Bar”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

Rebounder, the project of New York musician Dylan Chenfeld. Our introduction to Rebounder came with his debut single “Japanese Posters” which was released in March 2018. We saw him play Brooklyn Steel in October and today we hit back with his brand new single “Meet Me At The Bar.”

Although just his second release, there’s noticeable confidence and growth in “Meet Me At The Bar” that sounds like a futuristic Strokes offering that has a loose pop feel that Chenfeld boldly makes very much into his own thing. It radiates with a style that shines through with a passionate NYC cool that is impossible to shake.

Enjoy the music video for “Meet Me At The Bar” below (which was directed by Louis Sansano and Chenfeld). and stay tuned for more on Rebounder, a band we are sure you will be hearing much more about in the immediate future.
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Fanclub – “Imprint”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

Austin-based dream pop trio Fanclub have not let me down yet, releasing their debut EP, All the Same, earlier this year, a release packed with winner after winner of songs we previously shared on the blog.

They’ve hit back with new single “Imprint,” a pretty offering that is a more tender approach from the band, but one that still has that same sweeping approach that they already have a knack for in their relatively young career.

Enjoy a listen to “Imprint” below.
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Chances are by now you’ll recognize the name Delsbo Beach Club on these pages. The Swedish indie outfit has stunned us twice with two winning offerings from their new EP A burger in Åkersberga, released this Friday via Rama Lama Records.

We previously shared EP cuts “Cryin’ (Such a disgrace)” and “Another Day” and today release the EP’s expansive closing cut “Something (I should never forget)” which sees them take their sound to a new place that sounds like it could’ve been released during the heyday of Brit Rock in the 90s.

Enjoy a listen to “Something (I should never forget)” below and find the whole EP available to stream at their Bandcamp.
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The Dawdler – “Pete”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

“Pete” is the latest track shared from The Dawdler’s debut album Keith In Ballachulish. The Dawdler is John Edgar, a musician from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We first discovered his talents with his devastatingly beautiful single “Around Eve,” and again on his second offering, “Flickering Out.”

He’s back with his third release from the album with “Pete,” and what do you know, it’s another haunting offering that just seems to pure and raw in the best ways possible. It feels ethereal and real and true, something that seems to be severely lacking in today’s musical landscape.

If The Dawdler isn’t on your radar, it’s time to change that. Start by streaming “Pete” below and find the whole album available to preorder now from Bandcamp.
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Beauty Queen – “Out Of Touch”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

San Francisco musician Katie Iannitello, who has caught our attention with her work as Beauty Queen, mainly early singles “Goner” and “The Only One,” both off of her newly released debut EP Out of Touch, which was released via Sleep Well Records on April 19th.

“Out Of Touch” casts a particularly hazy spell that wears its nostalgic bedroom pop influences particularly well. Like Iannitello’s previous releases, she is an absolute songwriting natural who is able to make a tone that evokes a particular feeling that she has very much made into her own.

Stream “Out Of Touch” below and find the whole EP available to hear at her Soundcloud.
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Cable Ties – “Choking To Choose”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

Melbourne-based punk trio Cable Ties lead the way on UK Label RIP Records’ new Introduction Series compilation that was released this Friday.

Their offering is “Choking To Choose,” a ferocious and punk-led single that sounds perfectly tailored for destruction at a divey DIY venue where the beer is flowing freely and flying high and fast above, or near your head. It’s an exciting and lively work that may not reinvent the genre but delivers it to perfection.

Enjoy a listen to “Choking To Choose” below.
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Singing Swords – “Y2K”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

Norwegian indie rock band Singing Swords released their self-titled debut album via Wonderful & Strange Records.

It doesn’t take long to win you over, as the album opens in big fashion with the sweeping “Y2K” that chugs along wonderfully with a 90s spirit and some passionate choruses that are naturally blissful and full of glowing life. It most certainly sets the toen for the rest of the LP.

Enjoy a stream of “Y2K” below and find the whole debut album available to stream on Spotify.
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No Suits in Miami – “Kollektivtrafik”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2019

No Suits in Miami are an indie rock band from Lund, Sweden who have recently released their brand new album I Hope That No One Sees Me.

The album is packed with dreamy elements of 80s rock with some of those larger than life emotional choruses that you find in some 90s shoegaze. Take for instance the lush and bountiful album cut “Kollektivtrafik” that hits with some uplifting melodic rises and vocal delivery that is a match made in heaven and hits all the right notes.

Enjoy a listen to “Kollektivtrafik” below and find the entire album streaming now on their Soundcloud.
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Shady Groves – “Pocket Knives”

By Will Oliver, April 24th 2019

Photo by Nicky Kassab

Shady Groves, the collective of Michigan-based singer-songwriters (with member Adam Fitzgerald now calling Scotland home), are preparing the release of their sophomore album Dreamboat via Underflow Records. They’ve already shared two singles from the album with “Quiet Wolf” & “Backflips” and have just returned with the music video for the third single from the LP, “Pocket Knives.”

Sonically, “Pocket Knives” is one of the most expansive and far-reaching songs from the band to date. They stretch the widescreen sonic nature of the track to something big and bold, while simultaneously allowing it to ring true with the expected passionate lyricism that we’ve come to expect from the group.

Below, find the music video for “Pocket Knives,” which was directed by Elaine Smith. We’re excited to see what else awaits for us on the rest of the album.
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