Caroline Lazar – “Only One”

By Will Oliver, February 22nd 2019

Caroline Lazar will release her new EP sometime this spring but has given us a preview of it with her new single “Only One.” The thoughtful singer brings a raw vocal peformance with a feeling of folk intimacy that builds up to a satisfying emotional conclusion.

Stay tuned for more from Lazar soon and enjoy a listen to “Only One” right now below.
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Cathedrals – “Jump In”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

San Francisco electro-pop duo Cathedrals have been consistently releasing a steady stream of singles every other month or so.

Today they keep the winning streak going with the delightful and infectious new power pop dance anthem “Jump In,” which features some strong vocals and sugary electronics that work together perfectly.

Here’s a little bit about the song directly from the band:

With “Jump In”, we didn’t want to write a straightforward love song since, for us at least, love hasn’t always been simple or predictable. We wanted to explore that feeling of standing on the precipice of the unknown – looking into the face of something that could turn out to be beautiful or ugly, and taking that leap anyway. We thought, what better way to capture that idea than to release the song on Valentines Day. It’s not a hallmark card; it’s real life, full of joy and uncertainty and sometimes pain. Here’s to feeling it, to jumping in, whatever the cost.

Enjoy a listen to “Jump In” below.
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Maybird – “Don’t Keep Me Around”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

Rochester psych-pop quartet Maybird signed to Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records, who released the band’s groovy new single, “Don’t Keep Me Around,” which has a vintage glow to it that sounds like a much mellower and slightly floater song that The Growlers may have put out.

The band has just released a music video for the track that was directed and edited by Adam Netsky and can be viewed below.
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Monica Martin – “Patient”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

Monica Martin, the lead singer of Phox, is set to release her debut album sometime this year via Republic Records as the band are currently on hiatus. We got to hear a few of her new solo songs last month when she played to a sold out room at Public Arts. This included the previously released single “Cruel,” as well as “Patient,” the new single that Martin has just shared today.

It’s an even bigger sound for Martin who expands on a lot of the familiar ideas she put on the table with Phox, just with an expanded production palette that allows her always impressive vocals to truly shine.

Enjoy a listen to “Patient” below and stay tuned for more from Martin very soon.
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Michelle Blades – “Politic!”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

Michelle Blades will release her new album Visitor on March 29 via Midnight Special Records. We previously shared the awesome track “Kiss Me On The Mouth” and today hit back with the equally awesome new single, “Politic!”

The topical track has high energy and vibrant bounciness that is rather infectious and gets a similar treatment for its fitting music video, which she directed and edited herself.

Enjoy the video for “Politic!” below and stay tuned for more from Blades very soon.
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Jai Wolf – “Your Way” (feat. Day Wave)

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

Jai Wolf will release his sophomore album The Cure To Loneliness on April 5th via Mom + Pop Music. We previously shared his first new single off the album, “Lose My Mind” which showcased the artists dive into the realm of the dream pop genre. This is continued on his new single “Your Way” which sees Wolf team up with Jackson Phillips of Day Wave.

Phillips, who has already become a staple of the dream pop genre, compliments Wolf’s newfound sound perfectly, with a slightly more electronic influence that you’d expect from Wolf that reminds a bit of M83. It’s a combination and pairing that works well for both and sounds excellent.

Enjoy a listen to “Your Way” below.
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Sundara Karma – “Higher States”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

English group Sundara Karma will return with new album Ulfilas’ Alphabet next month via Chess Club Records/RCA Records. We previously shared album cut “Illusions” and today we return with their latest single, “Higher States.”

The track has that eccentric vibe that one has come to expect from the band, sounding a bit like a more pop-friendly Wild Beasts.

You can take a listen to the track via the music video, which was directed by the band’s frontman Oscar Pollock and is posted below.

Charles Wesley Godwin – “Seneca Creek”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

West Virginia singer-songwriter Charles Wesley Godwin captures a rich and honest portrayal of his hometown and its people with his debut album Seneca, a snapshot of his 26 years of life in the Appalachian hills which was released today.

It doesn’t take long for him to prove his songwriting prowess on one of the album’s many highlights “Seneca Creek.” It becomes instantly clear that songwriting talent is something that comes naturally to Godwin, freely flowing through his veihave He paints a rich and vivid picture with his words that has put him on the map in this writers mind as a promising new voice to keep a watch out.

Enjoy a stream of “Seneca Creek” below and find the whole album available to listen to now on Spotify.

King Willow – “Blue Valentine”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

King Willow, the duo of sisters Amanda and Julianna Salguero are based out of San Francisco and have released a new single “Blue Valentine” that is perfect for your post-Valentine’s day blues (or high).

The duo work so well together to bring their warm folk-rock sound to life in a fashion that is both thoughtful and filled with upbeat pop optimism.

You can find “Blue Valentine” available to stream below

Lillimure – “WDYTM”

By Will Oliver, February 14th 2019

Lillimure is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Westchester, New York, who has shared her brand new single “WDYTM.”

While the song starts as an airy tune that lives in the world of gentle folk-rock, it soon opens up to a vibrant and soulful display of multi-genres including r&b and pop. She describes the song as an honest display of her experiences and you can feel the genuine truth flowing freely throughout the track.

The song is off an upcoming album that she is planning to release in June.
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