Amo Amo – “Antidote”

By Will Oliver, April 21st 2019

Photo by Robbie Jeffers

Los Angeles’ Amo Amo will release their self-titled debut album on April 26. The record was produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket and we already shared single “When I Look At You.”

Today we hit back with the smooth “Antidote,” a track that blends some r&b elements with something of an underlying psych rock tone with James’ smokey touch felt all throughout the track. His fingerprints are all over the track and we assume the rest of the album, which we can’t wait to hear in full.

Enjoy a listen to “Antidote” for now below.
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You may best know Josephine Wiggs as the bassist of The Breeders. She will release her debut solo album We Fall on May 17th with release coming via The Sound of Sinners.

“The Weeping of the Rain” is a meditative instrumental track from the album that is a slow burn but one that rewards the listener as it goes on. It carries a ton of weight and emotion effectively and convincingly.

Enjoy a listen to the haunting song below and find the album available to preorder over at Bandcamp.
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American Trappist is the project of Philadelphia-based songwriter/producer Joe Michelini, formerly of the New Jersey folk-rock band River City Extension. Last year saw the release his new album Tentanda Via which Michelini recorded at Trax East in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Today we take a look at his new single “Holy Moses,” which features vocals from Lesley Barth. It’s an easy-going folk offering that feels honest and sincere, even with its themes of judgment and forgiveness. Here’s how Michelini describes the song:

This is a song about judgment and forgiveness. I’m an atheist but sometimes I feel like it would be easier to believe I was born flawed (garden of eden, all that) than to accept that I’ve been an asshole at certain points in my life by choice. I recorded it myself in the Philly suburbs. Inspired by the early Girls recordings, Ariel Pink, and Cass McCombs. “Holy Moses” features New York songwriter Lesley Barth.

Enjoy a listen to “Holy Moses” below via the music video for the song
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She Keeps Bees – “Kinship”

By Will Oliver, April 21st 2019

She Keeps Bees will return with their new album Kinship on May 10th via Ba Da Bing Records. It’s their first album in five years, of which we got a preview of back in March with lead single “Coyote.”

Today we hit back with the title track “Kinship,” another lovely offering from the duo who find a moody and atmospheric place to inhabit on the track which is beautifully written and produced to provoke a mood and feeling of emotion.

Enjoy a listen to “Kinship” below.
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IV League – “Cola Tooth World”

By Will Oliver, April 21st 2019

Photo by Jeff Andersen Jnr.

Melbourne-based indie rock IV League first caught our attention last May with the release of their single “Superstar.” Earlier this month the band surprise released their debut EP When You Lose Me on April 12th, which features the previously mentioned track as well as today’s focus: “Cola Tooth World.”

It’s a track that could have been plucked out of the 90s, with passionate vocals and chugging guitars that hint at aspects of punk and Brit-rock with a hint of shoegaze. It’s one hell of a way to close out the EP.

Enjoy a stream of “Cola Tooth World” below and find the whole EP available to stream and purchase from their Bandcamp.
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Super Paradise – “6:30”

By Will Oliver, April 21st 2019

Photo by Nika

Dream-Garage London via Milan group Super Paradise have hit back with their brand new single “6:30,” released earlier this month via Spring Chicken Records.

“6:30” is a track that operates in their world of self-defined “dream garage,” a title that they most certainly live up to with the riveting track. It shifts gears a few times, from a moody and atmospheric tone to something of a brash hard rocker that accelerates harder and harder feeling like a mix of Oh Sees and Ty Segall if they were influenced by some British indie rock. It just chugs along and quite frankly gets better and better as it goes along.

Find a bit more about the track from the band below and find a stream of “6:30” directly below that.
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Wintersleep – “Forest Fire”

By Will Oliver, April 20th 2019

Canadian folk rockers Wintersleep recently returned with their seventh album In the Land Of via Dine Alone Records.

“Forest Fire” is a standout offering from the album that captures what the band does so well. A sincere take on the folk-rock genre that is familiar yet very much in their own place of existence that feels personal and oh so true.

Enjoy a listen to “Forest Fire” below.
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Bushing – “Dream Merchants”

By Will Oliver, April 20th 2019

Blushing is the Austin dream pop/shoegaze quartet of two husband-and-wife combos that previously caught our attention with their previously released singles “Bliss” and “The Truth.”

The band has recently returned with their new single “Dream Merchants” that finds them fully indulging ion their lush shoegaze tendencies combining space and noise to a dreamy effect.

Enjoy a stream of “Dream Merchants” below.
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Melby – “You’ll Be Lost”

By Will Oliver, April 20th 2019

Stockholm indie rockers Melby released their debut album None of this makes me worry on April 12th via Rama Lama Records. We’ve been eagerly anticipated the release after hearing the promise from previously released album tracks “Dancer,” “VCR,” “Reject,” and “Overthinking.”.

They keep the winning streak going strong on “You’ll Be Lost,” another great effort of the LP. The band have their form and identity firmly intact and explore new sonic territory here while also keeping the already fresh trademark sound that made us fans so early on.

Enjoy a stream of “You’ll Be Lost” below and find the whole album available to preorder and stream on their Bandcamp.
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Table Tennis Dreamer – “We Will Understand”

By Will Oliver, April 16th 2019

Table Tennis Dreamer is the project of musician John Waldo Wittenmyer, who splits his time in both Chapel Hill, NC / Austin, TX.

He spent last summer writing and traveling in his van where he also demoed music from a studio setup in his van. The result of those sessions can be found on his upcoming debut album Randall.

Today we are sharing with you “We Will Understand,” the second single from the album. It’s a lush and dreamy offering that is produced with the emotion and scope of the sort of song you could find played during a pivotal scene in a movie. There’s a cinematic quality to the song that hits you in all the right places.

Enjoy a listen to “We Will Understand” below and stay tuned for more on Randall very soon.
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