Dave Monks – “Love Fades”

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2019

Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Monks will release his debut solo album On A Wave, which will be released on October 18th via Dine Alone Records.

The album is a personal one of reflection for Monks, which is very much evident on the pretty second single from the album, “Love Fades.” The track captures a raw and personal side for Monks, who pours it all into this offering that captures the many new phases of that time period of his life.

Enjoy a listen to “Love Fades” below and see Monks when he comes to play here in New York at Berlin NYC on November 14th (along with Said The Whale)
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Stray Fossa – “For The Time”

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2019

Charlottesville, Virginia’s Stray Fossa have been busy this summer, releasing winning efforts such as “These Days” and “Eyze,” which are a part of a new upcoming EP that the band will release soon.

They have shared yet another cut off the EP with their current single “For The Time,” a track that is about “the perceived state of stasis — the uncomfortable sensation that one is coasting in life, relationships or work. Too much time spent looking at memes. It may be ephemeral or endure, the product of your own anxiety or things beyond your control; but it is alway paralyzing.”
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Pattie – “Hey”

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2019

Isreali indie outfit Pattie have their second album coming up and based on their lush and dreamy new single “Hey,” it’s shaping up quite nicely.

The band gorgeously create some lovely dream-pop and psych-laden melodies with equally pretty vocals that compliment the production to perfection. The band have garnered comparisons to bands like Tame Imala and rightfully so, the elements are all there and Pattie have hit it out of the park with “Hey,” and made us eager to see what the rest of the album holds.

Enjoy a listen to “Hey” below and find it streaming on Spotify as well.
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Ainsley Farrell – “Dark Spell”

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2019

Ainsley Farrell is a native Californian, who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She has recently returned with her sprawling new folk single “Dark Spell.”

With powerful vocals that channel great folk singers of the past, as well as more recent emerging figures such as Angel Olsen. “Dark Spell” is written about the “inevitable heartbreak in the falling apart of a relationship,” the song “journey’s through wanting to save the other person from pain.”

Led by her gorgeous vocals and some razor-sharp instrumentation, “Dark Spell” marks Farrell as a clear distinct voice and an artist to watch.

Enjoy a listen to “Dark Spell” below.
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Gervais Sun – “Overzealous”

By Will Oliver, August 23rd 2019

Gervais Sun is the project of Melbourne-based musician Rudy Sandapa. who has released his debut single “Overzealous.” It’s a track that effortlessly blends infectious psych-pop and soul, to create something that feels like a summery mix between some old Toro y Moi.

We’re excited to see what else that Sandapa has waiting for us with future releases as Gervais Sun.

For now, enjoy a stream of “Overzealous” below.
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Column – “I”

By Will Oliver, August 19th 2019

Photo by Marie Renaud

Column is the new supergroup of sorts that features Caiden James of Twin Peaks essentially joining forces with all of Post Animal to form a brand new band together. Things came together after Twin Peaks and Post Animal toured together back in 2017 and soon the seeds were planted for a new project. The band just released their brand new 7″ via Grand Jury Music that features two singles, simply named “I” & “II.”

Fans of both bands may be expecting something different than the rather chill and melancholy sound that emerges from “I,” which has a loose lo-fi quality to it that feels like a hot summer day nursing a hangover in your bed. But this super chill and laid back element is what caught my attention and seems like a mature sound for both James and Post Animal.

Enjoy a listen to “I” below and find the 7″ available to stream in full and purchase here.
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Saeyers – “Someday”

By Will Oliver, August 19th 2019

Saeyers, the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Marshall Lewis, is someone who we highlighted much earlier this year for his single “Cruise.” Lewis has recently returned with another new single named “Someday,” that will appear on his forthcoming self-titled Saeyers EP.

“Someday” taps into a lush and smooth world of 80s vibes, with a mix of electronic and rock grooves that blend together perfectly. There’s a ton of vintage glow to “Someday,” but it also shines thanks to plenty of modern flourishes that work delicously well.

Enjoy a listen to “Someday” below and find this and other songs set to appear on the EP available to purchase/stream at his Bandcamp.
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Dancing Tongues – “Shotgun”

By Will Oliver, August 13th 2019

Dancing Tongues is the creative love child of Alex Lavayen and Kevin Modry who formed in LA after a previous band they were playing in ended. This time around they formed Dancing Tongues and wrote songs inspired by the late 70’s and early 80’s punk movement. They’re about to release their brand new album Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress, an album that “addresses the dissatisfaction, confusion, and distractions we experience as we try to navigate through an overabundance of information.”

Today we share with you the rollicking first single from the album “Shotgun.” A track that passes by with a confident and rolling energy that doesn’t let up, even for a second. Shiny and echoing guitar work, a well kept rhythm section and strong vocals all add up to what sounds like a late-night chase scene in Los Angeles, surely a compliment.

Find “Shotgun” streaming below.
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