Premiere: Forgetter – “Maple Seeds”

By Will Oliver, June 19th 2019

Photo by Jen Meller

Forgetter is the project of DC multi-instrumentalist David Klinger, who is preparing for the release of his brand new album Parts of Anything out on August 2nd via Blight.Records.

Today we have the honor of premiering the album’s lovely single “Maple Seeds.” The track has a fragile heartbreaking nature at its start but soon transports the listener to a more psychedelic soundscape with more experimental worlds clashing with its heartbreaking folk nature.

Here’s a little bit of personal background into “Maple Seeds” from Klinger himself:

‘Maple Seeds’ is basically a breakup song. I think there are often peaceful moments of accepting a situation you don’t want to be in, surrounded by the desperation of trying to change what you can’t. Like you might be at a point where you can enjoy a few small things, but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing from here on out, or that it’s only gonna get better. Although it will eventually. I mean, probably. Or what do I know – I can’t promise anything except that I’m rooting for you.

You can get a sense of both hectic and heartfelt nature of an emotional breakup within “Maple Seeds,” a song that hits you in the core and finds way to surprise you all the same.

Enjoy your exclusive first listen to “Maple Seeds” below and find the album available to preorder from his Bandcamp page.

Cathedral Bells, the project of Florida musician Matthew Messore. He has followed up his debut EP with his dreamy new single “Eighth Wonder of the World,” with release from Good Eye Records.

It’s a hazy and shimmering gem of indie rock that channels some of the 80s dream pop from acts like Wild Nothing that used to grace blogs like these all the time in the late 2000s. It absolutely nails the sound that its going for and leaves us very excited to see what else that Messore has in store for us in the future.

For now, enjoy a listen to “Eighth Wonder of the World” below.
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El Rocko – “Half The Day”

By Will Oliver, June 19th 2019

El Rocko is the project of Chattanooga-based artist Chase Waller. He began the El Rocko project as a college student, performing solo shows at school festivals and in Chattanooga’s independent music scene.

Recently signed to Yellow Racket Records, Waller has released his lovely debut single “Half the Day.” The track is equally influenced by both 90s alt-rock and 80s rock, the track has a lush and dreamy easy-going summer feel to it, one that reminds of some of the indie pop gems from bands like Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Enjoy a listen to “Half The Day” below and find the track available to purchase at your own price at his Bandcamp.
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TV People – “Healthier Days”

By Will Oliver, June 18th 2019

TV People are a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Dublin led by the dueling vocals of Paul Donohoe (lead guitar) and Len Rochford (rhythm guitar) featuring the drum work of Brendan Clarke and the bass riffs of Rob Kavanagh.

Only forming this year, the band have already released their debut single “Healthier Days.” The track featured a confident early 2000s New York swagger to it that seems like the work of a band whose been around for much longer. But the band sound tight and know how to put together a tight track that brings in plenty of classic rock influences, while also injecting it with a bit of their own DNA.

Enjoy a listen to “Healthier Days” below and find the track available to purchase at your own price at their Bandcamp.
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Sanctuary Lakes – “The Long Fade Away”

By Will Oliver, June 10th 2019

Sanctuary Lakes is the duo of Cut Copy’s Tim Hoey & Midnight Juggernauts’ Andrew Szekeres who are preparing for the release of their self-titled debut album which will be released on June 21st via Cutters Records.

Last week we shared with you their debut single “Our Life Together.” They’ve since followed it up with a second single “The Long Fade Away,” a soothing summery track that is a calming listen with laid back vibes that are totally absorbing.

Enjoy a listen to the track with its official music video directed by Christopher Hill and Jackson Dickie, which is posted below
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V.V. Lightbody – “Car Alarm”

By Will Oliver, June 10th 2019

VV. Lightbody is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter who last year released her debut album Bathing Peach. She has kept plenty busy into the new year, releasing her brand new offering “Car Alarm” via Acrophase Records.

The song channels some serious Big Thief vibes, with powerful guitar work and binding vocals that are equal parts groovy and hard-hitting emotionally. The track was written by her in 10-minutes, a rare feat for the musician but one that felt so right.

Enjoy a listen to “Car Alarm” below and find both it and Bathing Peach available to stream and buy at her Bandcamp.
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Sungaze – “Washed Away”

By Will Oliver, June 10th 2019

Cincinnati, Ohio indie outfit Sungaze describe their sound as one that draws influence from the cosmos, with melodies and soundscapes that conjure up “images of vivid dream spaces and otherworldly landscapes. A little western, a little sad, with a heavy dose of reverb and haunting vocals—you haven’t heard it before.”

have swept me straight off my feet with their lovely new single “Washed Away,” an everlasting effort that certainly lives up to their description. A little bit of Mazzy Star, a little bit of Beach House, “Washed Away” is a heavenly melancholic journey that absolutely soars.

Enjoy a listen to “Washed Away,” below.
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The Ocean Blue – “Kings and Queens”

By Will Oliver, June 6th 2019

Longstanding dream pop outfit The Ocean Blue will return with new album Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves, out on June 21 via Korda Records. We previously shared with you single “All The Way Blue” and today we share another single off the album, “Kings and Queens.”

It’s a slow build that comes to a head in dramatic fashion and sweeps you right off of your feet. There’s a simple but old school charm here that the band works to great effect and sounds familiar yet brand new at the very same time.

Take a listen to “Kings and Queens” below.
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Redd Kross – “Beyond the Door”

By Will Oliver, June 6th 2019

California rockers Redd Kross will return with their new album Beyond the Door on August 23rd via Merge Records.

The self-titled track “Beyond the Door” is the current single off the record, a power rocker that chugs along nicely, readymade for some ripe late night summer listening with a few cold ones in tow.

Redd Kross wrote this album with the idea of just having the best time they can while they’re still here, embracing the party and just enjoying life. That spirit is most certainly felt with this wonderful rocking single.

Take a listen to “Beyond the Door” below.
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Deanna Petcoff – “Stage Lights”

By Will Oliver, June 6th 2019

Toronto-based singer Deanna Petcoff wowed us last year with her two great singles “Stress” and “Terribly True.” She’s since returned with her latest effort “Stage Lights.”

The track is her best yet, with Petcoff sounding fully formed and confident as not only a songwriter but as an artist. It’s powerful listen that evokes a ton of emotions and her voice has you along with her, holding onto every word that she says. Like a mix between Angel Olsen and Lady Lamb, it’s clear Petcoff is an artist to keep on your radar.
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