Wintersleep – “Free Fall”

By Will Oliver, September 16th 2019

Canadian folk-rockers Wintersleep returned earlier this year with their new album In the Land Of, which was released via Dine Alone Records.

They’ve since returned with a brand new 7″ single featuring two new songs. Today we are sharing the a-side “Free Fall,” a lush and confident effort that demonstrates the many qualities you’ve come to expect from the band, who make their brand of folk sound so huge and massive, yet personal and intimate at the very same time.

Find “Free Fall” streaming below along with b-side “Fading Out.” You can also find the 7″ available to purchase here.

South Of France – Comme Ca

By Will Oliver, September 16th 2019

South Of France, the Denver-based indie pop outfit led by Jeff Cormack, will release their sophomore album Remember That Cool Thing We Did sometime in early 2020.

They’ve given us a preview of the album with their infectious lead single “Comme Ça,” a track that hones in the world of indie rock circa early 2000s with a simple but effective pop-rock approach that feels like a happy blend of acts like Phantom Planet, MGMT, Empire Of The Sun and Phoenix. It’s clear that they know their way around a good pop hook and don’t waste a single second of “Comme Ça’s” breezy runtime.

Enjoy a listen of “Comme Ça” below and look out for it’s inclusion on the Season 6 Premiere of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman.
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FRANKIIE – “Funny Feelings”

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2019

Vancouver four-piece FRANKIIE will release their debut album Forget Your Head on September 20th via Paper Bag Records.

They have recently let go of another single from the album, the psych-leaning “Funny Feelings.” The track taps into a primal feeling of psych-rock of the 70s, with powerful grooves and seductive vocals that lead the charge and compliment the sensual instrumentals to perfection.

Enjoy a stream of “Funny Feelings” below and find the album available to pre-order here.
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Stray Fossa – “Always Over”

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2019

Stray Fossa are preparing for the release of their new EP Laridae later this month, of which we’ve already heard three great singles ahead of its release.

The band have returned with one of the best of the batch yet, with the wide-eyed dreamy offering “Always Over,” a track that offers some of that dreamy rock that they seem to execute with ease, but around the halfway mark shift gears into something more of a jangly post-punk sound that works with the upmost confidence.

Find the track streaming below and the entire EP available to preorder right now from their Bandcamp page.
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Simen Mitlid – “Reality Tsars”

By Will Oliver, September 15th 2019

Norweigan singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid released his sophomore album Neutral on September 13th. We’ve shared a few tracks from the album to-date and “Reality Tsars” is the finaly track shared to go along with the album’s release date. The track-focused on his bright-minded folk style with a more uplifting pop aspect that calls to mind the work of modern folk greats like Jose Gonzalez.

Enjoy a listen to “Reality Tsars” below.
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Boy Bjorn – “Always Searching”

By Will Oliver, September 10th 2019

Boy Bjorn is the solo project of Brian Holl, of Foreign Fields. He’s recently returned with his brand new single “Always Searching,” the first single from his new EP which will be released via Communion/UMG.

The track floats high with some dreamy and lush folk-rock vibes, that reminds a bit of some of the work of Jose Gonzalez. His strong vocal performance soars with some clean-cut production and instrumentation that combines the worlds of folk-rock and some electronic atmosphere to perfection.

Enjoy a stream of “Always Searching” below.
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Purr – “Take You Back”

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2019

Purr, the New York-based duo Eliza Callahan and Jack Staffen, who previously recorded as Jack and Eliza. They have just announced their signing to ANTI- Records, who will release their debut album in 2020.

The announcement came with the release of their track “Take You Back,” which was one of the first songs that they wrote together as Purr. The song showcases their strong vocal work and the way that the duo plays off each other so well. There’s a lot of vintage songwriting influence here, which the band puts to good use on this track, while also making it very much their own with some well placed horns and lovely harmonies.

Enjoy a listen to “Take You Back” below and stay tuned for news on their debut album very soon.
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Blushing – “Control”

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2019

On Friday Austin, Texas outfit Blushing released their self-titled debut album via Wallflower Records.

The album features dreamy shoegaze-inspired offerings such as single “Control.” The expansive guitar rocker has some lovely atmospheric moments where the guitars cut loose and allow their rhythms to sore with purpose and confidence.

Enjoy a listen to “Control” below and find the album available to stream in full and purchase at their Bandcamp.
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Leopard Tuesday – “The Mall”

By Will Oliver, September 9th 2019

Leopard Tuesday are a duo out of Provo, Utah who have returned with their brand new single, “The Mall.” The track, which is the band’s third single,

The duo wanted to write a super sexy song about something super lame and landed on going to the mall to buy some shoes, but they don’t have them in your size. They certainly accomplish both of their goals, as the song radiates with a super chill and laid back sound that coasts by on its retro charm. The song actually includes some samples of the mall and dialogue between a customer and employee at a Journey’s store where they went to get the shoes.

Enjoy a listen to “The Mall” below.
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