Caroline Lazar – “Only One”

By Will Oliver, February 22nd 2019

New York singer-songwriter Caroline Lazar will release her new EP sometime this spring but has given us a preview of it with her new single “Only One.” The thoughtful singer brings a raw vocal performance with a feeling of folk intimacy that builds up to a satisfying emotional conclusion.

Stay tuned for more from Lazar soon and enjoy a listen to “Only One” right now below.
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Charles Wesley Godwin – “Seneca Creek”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

West Virginia singer-songwriter Charles Wesley Godwin captures a rich and honest portrayal of his hometown and its people with his debut album Seneca, a snapshot of his 26 years of life in the Appalachian hills which was released today.

It doesn’t take long for him to prove his songwriting prowess on one of the album’s many highlights “Seneca Creek.” It becomes instantly clear that songwriting talent is something that comes naturally to Godwin, freely flowing through his veihave He paints a rich and vivid picture with his words that has put him on the map in this writers mind as a promising new voice to keep a watch out.

Enjoy a stream of “Seneca Creek” below and find the whole album available to listen to now on Spotify.

King Willow – “Blue Valentine”

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2019

King Willow, the duo of sisters Amanda and Julianna Salguero are based out of San Francisco and have released a new single “Blue Valentine” that is perfect for your post-Valentine’s day blues (or high).

The duo work so well together to bring their warm folk-rock sound to life in a fashion that is both thoughtful and filled with upbeat pop optimism.

You can find “Blue Valentine” available to stream below

Tender Glue – “Dear Peri”

By Will Oliver, January 20th 2019

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Last September Tender Glue, the project of New York-based singer-songwriter Tom Gluewicki, released his new album Closet Leftovers. We have shared a handful of songs from the album, all a wide-ranging variety of thoughtful indie rock that leaned towards folk rock.

This is true of the latest track that we are sharing with you, the patient and observant offering “Dear Peri.” While not flashy, the song gradually builds with a strong emotional current that culminates into something powerful and moving.

You can stream the track below and find the whole album available to hear/purchase at Bandcamp.
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The Dawdler – “Around Eve”

By Will Oliver, January 20th 2019


The Dawdler is John Edgar, a musician from Newcastle Upon Tyne. As The Dawdler, Edgar makes “delicate, beautiful, and melancholic dream-pop imbued with a slo-core sensibility.”

He’s in the process of releasing his debut album and “Around Eve” is the melancholic opening track that serves as a perfect introduction to the talented singer-songwriting. There’s a naturalism to his voice and the pretty guitar work that combine to put the listener is a relaxed state of being and a distinct mood that is the mark of an artist bound to do something special with his talents.

Enjoy a stream of “Around Eve” below.
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Simen Mitlid – “Saturdays”

By Will Oliver, January 13th 2019

Simen Mitlid is singer-songwriter who hails from the lush woods of Os, Norway. In 2017 he released his debut album Everything Is The Same, and has his sights set for his sophomore follow-up to come out sometime this year.

He’s given us the first taste of the new album with the lovely folk-inspired single “Saturdays.” It has a natural, timeless appeal and sincerity to it that doesn’t take long to win you over.

Enjoy a listen to “Saturdays” below.
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Robin Kester – “Peel The Skin”

By Will Oliver, December 13th 2018 — with 1 comment

Dutch singer-songwriter Robin Kester makes her debut release with her Peel The Skin EP.

After singing and playing guitar in several bands, Kester decided to start her own project and on her title track “Peel the Skin.”

It doesn’t take long when hearing it to be thankful that she did. She has a natural songwriting ability and a powerful voice and a good ear for creative powerful dreamy harmonies instantly putting your mind at ease.

Enjoy a stream of “Peel The Skin” below and find the whole EP available to stream/listen to on her Bandcamp.
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Henry Hall – “Missing Out on Purpose”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2018

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Henry Hall has returned with new single “Missing Out on Purpose.” It’s a pretty yet heartbreaking slick of folk-driven pop with some slight r&b influence as well, that speaks to missing out on things because of anxiety and other fears.

The track showcases his incredible set of pipes and natural songwriting ability.

Enjoy the animated music video below, which was made by Miriam Cortez-Cáceres
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Adam Melchor – “Real Estate”

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2018

Jersey-born singer-guitarist Adam Melchor now calls California home and bases his new single “Real Estate” off one of his first drives from New Jersey to California and when he realized he probably wouldn’t need the winter attire that he brought with him.

“Real Estate” is a beautiful folk song about “the personification of moving; moving to a place where you don’t know what’s going to happen, and moving from a place where you don’t know how much is going to be there if you come back.”

Enjoy a listen to the lovely “Real Estate” below.

Introducing: Joyce Kwon

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2018

Joyce Kwon is a multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles who recently released her debut album Dream of Home via ps fairy records.

Kwon both a singer and a zither player, explores the many possibilities of the folk genre, adding her own stamp to the genre with smartly crafted songs that blur the lines between folk, art-pop and even elements of jazz and world music.

Take the album’s tile track, “Dream of Home,” a heartfelt and dreamy track that shows off Kwon’s elegant vocals and patient approach that lends a welcoming hand into the album. Or take the track “Nililiya” which is a a Korean traditional song that she has given a modern arrangement, as well as elements of jazz that it blends to create something familiar yet very different in an authentic fashion.

This may be Kwon’s debut album but this is clearly an artist who has been due to release an album for a long time as she is clearly a talent that has just been waiting to be discovered and her time has finally come.

Enjoy streams of both “Dream of Home” and “Nililiya,” which are posted below and find the whole album available to stream or purchase at Bandcamp.
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