Henry Hall – “Missing Out on Purpose”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2018

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Henry Hall has returned with new single “Missing Out on Purpose.” It’s a pretty yet heartbreaking slick of folk-driven pop with some slight r&b influence as well, that speaks to missing out on things because of anxiety and other fears.

The track showcases his incredible set of pipes and natural songwriting ability.

Enjoy the animated music video below, which was made by Miriam Cortez-Cáceres
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Adam Melchor – “Real Estate”

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2018

Jersey-born singer-guitarist Adam Melchor now calls California home and bases his new single “Real Estate” off one of his first drives from New Jersey to California and when he realized he probably wouldn’t need the winter attire that he brought with him.

“Real Estate” is a beautiful folk song about “the personification of moving; moving to a place where you don’t know what’s going to happen, and moving from a place where you don’t know how much is going to be there if you come back.”

Enjoy a listen to the lovely “Real Estate” below.

Introducing: Joyce Kwon

By Will Oliver, December 9th 2018

Joyce Kwon is a multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles who recently released her debut album Dream of Home via ps fairy records.

Kwon both a singer and a zither player, explores the many possibilities of the folk genre, adding her own stamp to the genre with smartly crafted songs that blur the lines between folk, art-pop and even elements of jazz and world music.

Take the album’s tile track, “Dream of Home,” a heartfelt and dreamy track that shows off Kwon’s elegant vocals and patient approach that lends a welcoming hand into the album. Or take the track “Nililiya” which is a a Korean traditional song that she has given a modern arrangement, as well as elements of jazz that it blends to create something familiar yet very different in an authentic fashion.

This may be Kwon’s debut album but this is clearly an artist who has been due to release an album for a long time as she is clearly a talent that has just been waiting to be discovered and her time has finally come.

Enjoy streams of both “Dream of Home” and “Nililiya,” which are posted below and find the whole album available to stream or purchase at Bandcamp.
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Noah Chenfeld – “Wind Speed”

By Will Oliver, December 6th 2018

Local New Yorker Noah Chenfeld has returned with a fantastic raw performance of his new song “Wind Speed.”

The track has an old NYC folk styling that Chenfeld confidently molds into his own, with a fitting video showing him performing the track live, paired with other visuals of him and New York. This a different sound that we are used to from Chenfeld, but it’s a welcome mature approach that shows a bright promising future for the songwriter.

Enjoy the video for “Wind Speed” below and kick off the New Year strong by catching Chenfeld’s live performance at Mercury Lounge on January 9th. Tickets are available to purchase here.
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Dylan Mondegreen – “Sunless Summer”

By Will Oliver, November 25th 2018

Back in August we shared with you Norwegian singer-songwriter Dylan Mondegreen and his lovely single “The Best Thing.”

Like that song, “Sunless Summer” is another offering from Mondegreen’s newly released album A Place In The Sun. It’s also another smooth as all hell vintage folk rocker that knows what it is and absolutely knocks it out of the park along the way. It has classic sounding melodies and a strong vocal performance that makes it clear why Mondegreen ended his album with this one.

Enjoy the Katalina Bakradze-directed official music video for “Sunless Summer” below.
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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is the latest Coen Brothers film, which is available to watch now on Netflix. The film is a six-part Western anthology film about the American frontier.

One of the best parts of the film is the first segment “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” where the film got its title from. In it, Tim Blake Nelson stars as a singing cowboy with a wicked quick draw. One of the songs is “When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings,” a song that was written by the always great songwriting duo of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings and performed by Willie Watson and Tim Blake Nelson in the film.

It’s a great song on its own right but certainly a perfect fit for the scene that it’s used for in the film.

Enjoy a stream of the song below and you can find the soundtrack available to purchase at Milan Records.

NoSo – “In Your Mind”

By Will Oliver, November 21st 2018

NoSo is the project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Abby Hwong. She writes from “the perspective of a queer Asian-American navigating through different environments and relationships, and the confusion, pain and beauty that arises from it. Her songs feature bare honesty with sly hints of satirical bite carried by percussive guitar parts that create an ambient space.”

Take her new song “In Your Mind,” a song about “innocent first love” that is juxtaposed with “watching the person you love struggle and be in pain from their own inner demons.”

The song is wonderfully moving and touching personal affair of folk-rock that is instantly captivating and emotional. It’s a gem of a song and one that should cause Hwong to emerge as an artist to keep a firm watch on.

Enjoy a stream of “In Your Mind” below and find it available to purchase from Bandcamp.
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Lou Richards – “Begin Again”

By Will Oliver, November 19th 2018

Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter Lou Richards recently released her debut EP Good Woman on November 9 via Black Robin Records.

We discovered Richards through her touching single “Begin Again,” a track that casts an enchanting spell with some beautiful melodies that don’t take long to sweep you right off your feet.

You can find a stream of “Begin Again” below and find the whole EP available to stream/purchase at her Bandcamp.
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Nicolai Funch – “Make It Last”

By Will Oliver, November 19th 2018

Nicolai Funch is a Danish-born multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. He currently resides in Haga/Gothenburg, Sweden where he splits his time between writing, recording, his family and his love for old Swedish guitars.

Earlier this year he released his new album The Life of All and today we are highlighting a a track from the album, the thoughtful and pretty folk offering that is “Make It Last.”

As Funch describes it, “Make It Last” is a song about moving on and by that changing the perspective of the past that is “Full of the warmest and marvelous acoustic guitar strums, this is a song to close your eyes to. I mean, like… really close your eyes, listen, feel, sway, feel some more.”

Enjoy a stream of the track posted below.
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TOLEDO – “Bath”

By Will Oliver, November 17th 2018

Toledo, the Brooklyn-based songwriting duo Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz will release their debut EP HotStuff on February 2019. We previously shared with you lead single “Hot Stuff,” and today we share the second single off the EP, “Bath.”

The duo creates a floaty indie folk sound that is perfectly suited to warm you up in these upcoming cold snow-filled months. The songwriting team of Alvarez and Dunn-Pilz is clearly one to keep an eye on.

Enjoy a stream of “Bath” posted below.
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