La Femme – “Runaway”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

French krautrock-inspired electro-psych band La Femme wrote the 20-minute epic track “Runaway” as the soundtrack to fashion designer Hedi Slimane’s latest showcase for the luxury clothing brand, CELINE.

The track takes listeners for quite a ride, navigating waters of various genres and speeds, changing lans from electronic and dance to some more experimental sounds, both of which they mix and pull off confidently as ever.

Huntly – “Drop Gear”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

Melbourne-based trio Huntly have built a reputation in Australia as one of the most dynamic live electronic acts that exist both as strong pop songs but also something that cuts deeper in ways both personal and political.

They recently let go of their single “Drop Gear” a track that first hits you with the strong vocals of singer Elspeth Scrine and some powerful production that certainly sets up a certain vibe and mood that takes flight and never quite looks back.

Check out the official music video for the track posted below, which was directed by Australian Reflexxx (Directors Jack Jen Atherton & André Shannon)

Young Galaxy – “Future”

By Will Oliver, November 3rd 2018

Canadian electro-pop duo Young Galaxy have announced an indefinite hiatus following the September release of their 3-song EP Snow Leopard, the closing chapter from the band. The EP is comprised of material that they recorded during the sessions from their recent album Down Time.

It’s sad to see them go after so many years of consistently solid albums but considering the strength of the EP with a big effort such as “Future,” it makes it a strong bow for the Canadian duo, who get to go out on their own terms.

Find a stream of “Future” posted below.
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Ariel Beesley – “You Always Knew” and “Mine”

By Will Oliver, September 17th 2018

Ariel Beesley is a Los Angeles based 24-year-old pop singer who released her debut EP last week (via Young Writers Records). We had previously shared her single “Slower Than Usual,” which opens the EP.

Today we shared two more cuts from the EP, “Maybe (You Always Knew)” and “Mine.” There’s a lavish 80’s pop production charm to both songs which show of a strong vocal performance that fits in nicely with the summer-inspired pop sounds that will help stretch out the summer feeling just a little bit longer. Both songs signal that this EP is a solid start to Beesley’s very promising career.

Find both “You Always Knew” and “Mine” available to stream below and the EP available to buy here.
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Sleep Moscow – “I Hate the Birds”

By Will Oliver, September 1st 2018

Sleep Moscow is the project of Swedish musician Petter Kindström who has recently released his new album A Wounded Moon. He worked on it in various places in Sweden, with his friends, who provided four different vocals, each telling their own single story.

“I Hate The Birds” is the final track off of the album as well as the last chapter of the story. It’s performed by Arvid Hällagård, singer of stoner rock band Greenleaf. His dark vocals and the dark cinematic synth work on a Juno 106 add up to a deliciously dark and mysterious sense of melancholy.

You can stream “I Hate the Birds” below and find the whole album available on Spotify.

Rohne – “Meru” and “Aurora”

By Will Oliver, August 31st 2018

Keenan Branch originates from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (and is now based in Portland) and makes music under the moniker Rohne has spent years honing his craft, traveling the world with his laptop, headphones and field recorder, resulting in what has culminated to the release of his debut album Meridan, which will be released on September 28.

“Meru” is a track taken from the album that reaches back and dives into a world of sonic landscapes that sits somewhere between electronic and ambient music. It’s a lovely sound that taps into a specific atmosphere that results in a unique listening experience that quite simply puts you at ease.

Similarly, “Aurora” is a thoughtful and meditative track from the album that is made with tons of passion and care and sits firmly in a world of cinematic wonder that allows the listener’s mind to travel far and wide.

You can stream both “Meru” and “Aurora” below and find it available to purchase at his Bandcamp.
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FEMME – “All For You”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

I was introduced to London producer Laura Bettinson, better known as FEMME, when I caught her opening for GEMS at Glasslands (RIP) in 2013. Her single “Fever Boy” was soon a hit and the sky was seemingly the limit after Charli XCX invited her to open for her on tour. She was courted by many big major labels but decided to stay away from this path and instead stick to the independent route.

She’s recently returned with her very 90s house single “All For You,” a very easy-going and joyous listen that blends the worlds of electronic and pop to a winning fashion. You can find “All For You” streaming below and if you dig it grab yourself a copy from iTunes.

Mr Little Jeans – “Forgetter”

By Will Oliver, August 9th 2018

Monica Birkenes, better known as Norwegian pop singer Mr Little Jeans, has returned with her new single “Forgetter.”

It’s a soulful pop take that has some sharp production that sounds like a bit of a middle ground between the production of say Rostam, Maggie Rogers and even some Dirty Projectors vibes hidden underneath it all.

Find a stream of “Forgetter” below and it’s available to buy here.
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Cathedrals – “Behave”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2018

San Francisco synth-poppers Cathedrals, the duo of Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin, have kept plenty busy with their batch of recent singles that have been steadily coming out since last year. They recently returned with yet another one with “Behave.”

The track allows Jenkins to bring her soulful pop vocals and work them in an electro-pop environment that perfectly suites her. It’s one of their biggest pop moments to date but one that definitely suits their sound and direction.

Find a stream for “Behave” posted below and the track is available to grab for a free download from the band right here.
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Divorce Court – “Indonesia”

By Will Oliver, August 8th 2018

Divorce Court is the project of producer Lynden Williams, who is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Described as “softwave,” he makes some chill dreamy electronic bedroom pop that is perfect for easy listening during a warm summer day.

Take his most recent cut “Indonesia,” a track taken from his upcoming new EP. If you like the early work of acts like Washed Out, Toro y Moi or Neon Indian (rip chillwave), you’ll find plenty to admire with Divorce Court and “Indonesia.”

Enjoy a stream of the song below and if you like it, grab a copy of at his Bandcamp.
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