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Ariel Beesley – “Palm Springs”

By Will Oliver, July 9th 2019

L.A. indie rock up-and-comer Ariel Beesley hits back with her very summer-ready new single “Palm Springs,” the first proper single from her debut album.

The track, which was produced by Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge, is an empowering synth-pop effort that tackles Beesley going through a breakup and “concluding with the idea that I’m really fucking good on my own.”

Enjoy a listen to “Palm Springs” below and stay tuned for more from her forthcoming debut album very soon.
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Savoir Adore – “Body Heat”

By Will Oliver, March 2nd 2019

Brooklyn’s Savoir Adore will return with new album Full Bloom on April 5th, via Nettwerk. We previously shared album single “Bloom” and today we return with their second single “Body Heat.”

The band continues their wide-armed embrace of electro-pop and it’s a fun summery listen that definitely is welcome right now during this snow-filled weekend.

Enjoy a listen to “Body Heat” below.
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Slenderbodies – “Queen”

By Will Oliver, January 29th 2019

Last Friday saw the release of California-based duo Slenderbodies‘ new EP SORYA via Avant Garden. We previously shared the track “King” off the EP and today return with what else, but “Queen.”

“Queen” is a smooth electro-pop jam with a ton of soul, a song that honors the importance of feminine prowess. As the band describe it:

“Sometimes a king needs a loving reminder from their queen, to show him his ‘wealth’; referring to his strength, talents, creativity, and ability to love, grow and prosper for both of their well being. Similar to “king”, both songs are about receiving the emotional support and inspiration needed to succeed.”

Find a stream of “Queen” available to listen to below.
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Shy Shy Shy – “Doggystyle (Pretty Please)”

By Will Oliver, December 10th 2018

Danish indie pop duo Shy Shy Shy have kept plenty busy this year with the release of their debut album Make Up as well as making songs for the new Danish TV series Doggystyle. We previously shared with you both “Sober” and “Joyride” from the show and today we share the video for the shows title track, “Doggystyle (Pretty Please).”

It’s a slick and confident electro-pop offering that is arguably one the bands biggest sounds to date, definitely leaning heavy in a smooth late night synth-pop territory.

Enjoy the video for “Doggystyle (Pretty Please)” below.

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