The Great Escape – “Let Me Go Wild”

By Will Oliver, December 28th 2017

Venice, California rock group The Great Escape have a great deal of classic rock influences that they sport in sunny fashion on single “Let Me Go Wild.”

It’s taken of their 2017 album Universe In Bloom which the released over the summer. The track comes bursting out of the gate with a positive energy that is hammered home earnestly with elements of various degrees of classic rock and other 60s-70s styles that they incorporate in nearly seamless fashion with a collection of horns only adding to the dynamic nature of “Let Me Go Wild.”

You can listen to “Let Me Go Wild” below and find the rest of the album available to stream at their soundcloud page.
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Houses of Heaven – “Almost Hidden”

By Will Oliver, October 16th 2017

It takes only a momentary second before Houses Of Heaven pull you in with the stunning atmosphere of their track “Almost Hidden.” The three-piece hails from San Francisco consisting of Kevon Tecon, Adam Beck and Nick Ott.

They have a sound that creates a haunting sense of time and place in the form of an atmosphere that surrounds the brash instrumentation and lost vocal work. It’s well produced and even more tightly constructed, a song that’s an impressive listen every step of the way sounding both big and explosive, yet strangely close and intimate to the listen.

“Almost Hidden” is taken from the band’s debut EP Remnant out now via Felte. You can find a stream of the entire EP over at bandcamp and take a listen to “Almost Hidden” below.
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Sam Levin – “Hide and Seek”

By Will Oliver, April 23rd 2017

Sam Levin has released his first album at the young age of 15 years old. In a time where so many young artists that make it big in music are doing pale imitations of pop stars like Justin Bieber, it’s refreshing to see a young artist come up who grew up listening to artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stone and Joni Mitchell.

His debut album is entitled Frame Of Mind and as described by Levin, is an album “about the last year and a half of my life.” At such a young age you’d wonder what he’d have to say, but based on one listen to single “Hide and Seek,” any doubts you had a quickly erased.
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Audio Jane – “High On You”

By Will Oliver, April 23rd 2017

Audio Jane is a indie rock group from Hartford, Conneticut led by the vocals of singer Sarah Pech. The group released their new album Naive earlier in the month, packed with songs that should make fans of the 90s smile with glee.

Take for example the album’s lead single “High On You.” There’s a feeling of loss and nostalgia surrounding it, all while packing a nice light garage rock sound that is familiar but still ever so welcome.

Take a listen to “High On You” below and if you like what you hear, grab the album here.
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Maryama – “Where The Mermaids Are”

By Will Oliver, April 23rd 2017

Maryamais an artist who grew up in Iran, studying guitar with Iranian rock stars Ardavan Anzabipour and Homayoun Majdzadeh.

She’s now a resident on Los Angeles, and has since encorporated sounds of jazz, soul, and world music to her rock roots. She’s recently released her new single “Where The Mermaids Are,” a lush song with an dreamy ambiance to it, a song that is accurately self-described as “weightless” and as if you are “floating in a sea of serenity.”

It’s a rather lovely song, a perfect listen for a chill Sunday afternoon. Find it posted below.
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Day Wave, the Oakland-based group led by Jackson Phillips, have signed to Harvest Records, who will released their debut album sometime next year. It doesn’t seem like we will have to wait all that long, as they have shared the album’s first single, the ultra-dreamy “Wasting Time.”

Phillips continues to embark on his signature bliss-filled dreamscapes that just leave your mind at ease. Even so, the group showcases flashier production on the new single, with a guitar solo to boot and all.

Day Wave will be back in New York next Monday, November 14, for a show at Baby’s All Right. This may be the last time you see them at such an intimate venue at Bowery, with Bowery/MHOW probably on the horizon next. We can expect some new songs are bound to be tested, so this will be your first taste of their album. Tickets are currently still on sale for now.
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Glenn Meling – “Brother Jonathan”

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2016


Glenn Meling is a independent songwriter from Oslo, Norway, well traveled, formerly taking residence in Australia and the United Kingdom. Earlier this month he returned with his latest album Minnesota, an album about migration to America in the 19th century. One of the songs off the album is titled “Brother Jonathan,” which was a term used by immigrants when referring to the USA, even predating the more widely known phrase “Uncle Sam.”

The track itself is a big-sounding hopeful epic that taps into a more soulful-minded set of rock and roll, back-up gospel singers and all. It’s a pleasant surprise, a song that probably fits in all too well with the current political climate brought by the supports of Mr. Trump.

Check out “Brother Jonathan,” which is posted below.
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Jane In Space – “Feel It Alive”

By Will Oliver, August 10th 2016

Jane In Space

Out from space and now in New York City, Jane In Space make industrial rock with a sense of dreaminess as seen on “Feel It Alive,” a track taken from their self-titled new album which will be released on August 19.

“Feel It Alive” wastes no time jumping into its lively world of electronic-rock goodness, with a thumping bass and swirling synths, paving the way for the vocal work of lead singer Tom Vickers. It doesn’t take much time at all for Jane In Space to win you over and make you feel alive with the readymade “Feel It Alive.”

Stream it below and keep your eyes pealed for more on the trio coming soon.
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[new]: Sam Seeger – “What’s Happening”

By Will Oliver, August 4th 2016

Sam Seeger - What's Happening

Fellow Rockland County resident Sam Seeger has returned and blessed us with another great new song titled “What’s Happening” that is too good to ignore.

The track runs by briskly at two-minutes in length, delivering classic rock vibes and vicious guitar riffs that are complimented with the work of New Myths‘ Rosie Slater behind the drum kit. The chilled out, almost stoned vocals work well alongside the guitar solos that are just waiting to break free.

You can buy “What’s Happening” for just $1 over at Sam’s bandcamp right now, and get a taste via the stream directly below.
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[new]: Local Natives – “Past Lives”

By Will Oliver, April 29th 2016

Local Natives

It’s been three years since we last heard new music from Local Natives, but today that changed with the surprise release of a brand new song named “Past Lives.” The band premiered it last night at a surprise show in Los Angeles, and today they released a stream to the rest of the world.

“Past Lives” features some of those ever-familiar and delightful vocals, keeping that familiar sound while also taking a big leap forward in terms of scope and incorporation of some new elements that create a much bigger sound. This song will satisfy all of the bands fans, delivering big harmonies and percussion, all under one big shiny package.

We can only assume that “Past Lives” will be included on their eventual third album, which hopefully will be released sometime this year. For now, “Past Lives’ will certainly hold us over.

Enjoy it below along with a message that Local Natives’ Taylor Rice provided along with the song:
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