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Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks

If you need a refresher, Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks is the new side-project of Animal Collective’s Avey Tare. The group also includes ex-Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian and ex-Ponytail drummer Jeremy Hyman.

They’re releasing their debut album Enter The Slasher House on April 8 via Domino Records. “Little Fang” was the first track shared from the band, and now they’ve returned with another cut: “Strange Colores.”

It’s features a frantic beat that features some jazz elements, yet it is somewhat unsettling. Slasher Flicks, indeed.

You wouldn’t be wrong for mistaking this as a Centipede Hz outtake.

Enjoy “Strange Colores” below.
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Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks Announce Debut Album ‘Enter The Slasher House’

By Will Oliver, February 15th 2014 — with 1 comment

Avey Tare's Slasher FLicks

Animal Collective’s Avery Tare has yet another new project. This time he’s teamed up with former Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian and former Ponytail drummer Jeremy Hyman.

They’ve announced that their debut album is titled Enter The Slasher House and it will be released April 8 via Domino.

“Little Fang” is the first single to be shared from the album. It has that signature Avey Tare sound, with a spooky underwater feeling that is somewhat similar to the sound of his 2010 solo album Down There. Only there’s a dance-inspired bass-groove and guitar riff. It’s a fun direction, somewhat Ariel Pink.

Find “Little Fang” posted below.
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Live Blogging The Leak Of: Avey Tare’s Down There

By Will Oliver, October 10th 2010 — with 1 comment

Avey Tare is one of the members of our much beloved Animal Collective. He finally joins the club with his first official solo release with Down There. The album doesn’t officially drop until October 26th (via Paw Tracks), but it leaked this weekend and I’m about to give it my first listen. I decided to bring you all along with me once again with a live blog of my first listen.

Once again, if you download the leak try and support Avey in some way. Pre-Order the album or buy it when it comes out, buy Animal Collective gear, or even just spread the word about Avey’s music. Leak’s are emerging as a part of the music listening process and if we find a way to adapt to it, and even embrace it, then we may be able to make it work.

I am using a pair of headphones for my first listen. Like many AC releases, I have a hunch it will do well with a nice pair of headphones. I’m excited to see what Avey has instore for us. Let’s go Down There:

1. Laughing Hieroglyphic – Things kick off with a murky satanic feel due to underwater sounds and some creepy spoken word. I’m being hit with various layers of sound, including an accordion. Didn’t see that coming. Avey’s ever so familiar vocals come in and sound crisp and clear. Guiding us through what sounds like a murky wave of sound. It’s a long track – almost at seven minutes long, but you won’t be checking your watch. Things move along nicely. There’s a lot of emotion in his voice, and it goes pretty well with everything. I’m pretty impressed with what Avey has going on here. Very interested to see where else the album goes. 4:55 p.m.

2. 3 Umbrellas – Steady music that is upbeat and cheerful. A little bit of Animal Collective’s presence is certainly heard here. I’m all over Avey’s Beach Boys influenced vocals. Sounds really nice. Song flew by pretty fast. I really liked this one. 5:05 p.m.

3. Oliver Twist – A lot of people have been praising this one, so I’m excited to hear it. Starts off with some more murky vocals over a slow but steady beat. Slowly the beat is picking up along with the rest of the song. A lot of cool effects tucked away behind his voice. Absolutely adored the little “hmm hmm” part that appeared midway through. This one is an absolute winner, I’m digging this a lot. Everyone was right, this is most certainly a stand out. Lots of cool ideas spread throughout it’s 4:19 runtime. 5:11 p.m.

4. Glass Bottom Boat – The whole album has these quick spoken word dialogues that are weaving in out of a water inspired story. Not sure what to make of it yet. Glass Bottom Boat starts with one and then becomes a quick instrumental that gave off feelings of sadness. 5:14 p.m.

5. Ghost Of Books – This one sounds like a creepy experience within the water, as you drown faster and faster. An amazing looping beat that sounds every bit as trippy as Avey’s vocals. Once everything comes together like a puzzle piece, it just clicks. I can’t explain it, but I’m feeling totally blissed out and immersed. 5:18 p.m.

6. Cemeteries – “Cemeteries” is aptly titled. It’s a sad, lonely song that could be a fitting soundtrack for sad ghost’s journey. This is a really beautiful moment from Avey. Around the 2:16 moment it almost sounds like Panda Bear is calling out to Avey. It makes good use of samples and effects putting the listener in an abandoned cemetery, with nothing to hold onto but their thoughts. 5:22 p.m.

7. Heads Hammock – Avey’s vocals sound very AC at first, before he alters it more and more as the song ends. Not too blown away by this. 5:26 p.m.

8. Heather In The Hospital – The beginning gives me a “Bluish” feel. It doesn’t maintain this feel but it takes off nicely. Nice vocal harmonies through spread evenly over the background. Nice. 5:29 p.m.

9. Lucky 1 – Interesting choice to use the album closer as the first single. It makes sense once you wrap your head around the song and get lost it it’s greatness. This is like Avey’s triumphant step into the spotlight, proving his worth to the collective. 5:33 p.m.

Overall, a solid first listen. I think that this album certainly sees benefits from a listen on headphones. A lot of sparse details and effects that sound better packed tight over your ears. The album as a whole is pretty cohesive. The songs move smoothly to one another providing flawless transitions. There are a lot of nice moments but there really aren’t any heavy handed favorites which doesn’t surprise me. This is an album that your going to listen to as an album. The songs will probably benefit from the others, sounding better as a whole than individual pieces. Some songs did stand out more than others but it’s certainly a well balanced album.

The album is a perfect fall album. It’s dark and it sounds like a journey through gray waters. Avey wanted it to sound appropriate for the Halloween season, and he certainly succeeded.

Like all Animal Collective releases, we’re going to need multiple listens to truly appreciate what’s going on. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with Down There upon one listen. Avey Tare certainly proved his worth. I was able to detect what qualities he brings to Animal Collective.

Avey Tare Tells All About Fall Be Kind EP!

By Will Oliver, October 10th 2009 — with 1 comment

Pitchy just put up a good interview with Avey Tare of Animal Collective. He talks about their upcoming “Fall Be Kind” EP, as well as their Brothersport single, upcoming visual film, and tour plans.

The most important part of the article was the tracklisting for the Fall Be Kind EP. It goes as follows:

1. Graze
2. What Would I Want? Sky
3. Bleed
4. On A Highway
5. I Think I Can

I was really hoping to see What Would I Want? Sky recorded and put on something! It is such a good live song! They have also been playing Graze for awhile, although, it used to be called Grace! Same goes with Bleed. The rest are new songs from MPP recordings that are completely new to me.

Go read the rest of the article, and enjoy the live mp3’s of Graze, What Would I Want? Sky, and Bleed!

[mp3] : Animal Collective – Bleed (Live)

[mp3] : Animal Collective – Graze (Live)

[mp3] : Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky (live)

1_Animal Collective_Irving Plaza

It’s hard to believe that this year’s Painting With is Animal Collective’s tenth studio album. The record is a solid return to form after the somewhat lacking Centipede HZ.

The band which is back to the trio of Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist, returned to New York to share tracks from the Domino Records released album, as well as the typically off-beat selections throughout their eccentric career. Sure we got “Daily Routine,” and “FloriDada,” but there were also cuts such as “Alvin Row” and “Loch Raven.” Animal Collective always play what they want, and not the hits, which at the very least always makes for a well delivered performance.

Find some photos from their set posted below, and go grab a download of NYC Taper’s typically great recording of the entire show right here.
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