On March 31st, Beach Fossils, who we last caught back in October, returned with a performance at White Eagle Hall, their first show in four months, on a mini-tour that will lead them into their performance at Coachella later this month.

The setlist featured a mix of songs from their most recent album – 2017’s Somersault – as well as Clash the Truth, as well as a new song entitled “Numb.” The undeniable highlight of the night was when the band noticed a fan holding up a hand-written sign asking to play drums on “Shallow.” Not only did they give the fan a chance to prove himself, but he absolutely knocked it out of the park and provided one of the coolest concert moments I’ve seen this year.

Find a full photo gallery from the performance, including shots of openers Arthur and Hyperluxo, along with Beach Fossils’ setlist, posted in the gallery below.


Beach Fossils setlist:

1. Sugar
2. Clash the Truth
3. Moments-What a Pleasure
4. Adversity
5. May 1st
6. Down the Line
7. Generational Synthetic
8. Shallow
9. Be Nothing
10. Sleep Apnea
11. Numb
12. Calyer
13 Crashed Out


14. This Year
15. Careless
16. Daydream

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