All photos by Anthony Mulcahy

On December 18 Hiss Golden Messenger stopped into Brooklyn for a performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg as one of their last shows of 2018.

Find some photos from their performance posted in the gallery below, taken by our photographer Anthony Mulcahy.

Hiss Golden Messenger setlist:

1. Biloxi
2. Red Rose Nantahala
3. Jenny of the Roses
4. Lost Out in the Darkness
5. Happy Birthday
6. Like a Mirror Loves a Hammer
7. Goddamn, I Need a Teacher
8. Mahogany Dread
9. Gulfport You’ve Been On My Mind
10. Lucia > Franklin’s Tower
11. O Little Light
12. Blue Country Mystic
13. Balthazar’s Song
14. Cracked Windshield
15. I Am the Song
16. Heart Like a Levee
17. I’m a Raven (Shake Children Shake)
18. Domino (Time Will Tell)
19. Southern Grammar


20. Caledonia, My Love

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