Parquet Courts spent all of 2018 touring support of their typically fantastic new Danger Mouse-produced album Wide Awake!, which was released via Rough Trade Records.

We last caught the group in June when they played on a boat as a part of their “Land, Sea, and Air” trio of shows at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. That was some feat but it was nothing compared to the big time headlining performance that they booked at Hammerstein Ballroom on December 8th, their largest headlining show in New York to date.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about the booking but the band and crowd proved me absolutely wrong, as they filled out the venue quite well and had the packed floor section going nuts from start to finish.

The show provided some respite from the annual nightmare and bro-fest that is Santacon, which even frontman Andrew Savage took a shot at in-between songs during their performance.

But the night was all about their music and their great new record, which they played a healthy chunk of. It was pretty astonishing to see the entirety of the floor singing and jumping together during the chorus of the colorful “Wide Awake,” which sounded larger than life that night. The band gave us a good bit of variety from their catalog, ripping and roaring through the venue as if they have been playing rooms of the size their whole career. Based on the reaction that they received from this young-leaning crowd, it’s clear that the band will be able to conitnue to play rooms of this size, that is, if they want to.

Find a full gallery of photos from thier performance posted in the gallery below, along with the setlist.

Parquet Courts setlist:

1. Total Football
2. Dust
3. Almost Had to Start a Fight / In and Out of Patience
4. Freebird II
5. Before the Water Gets Too High
6. Dear Ramona
7. Master of My Craft
8. Borrowed Time
9. Donuts Only
10. Back to Earth
11. Tenderness
12. Wide Awake
13. Berlin Got Blurry
14. Outside
15. Captive of the Sun
16. Bodies Made Of
17. Normalization
18. Mardi Gras Beads
19. One Man No City
20. Light Up Gold II
21. Sunbathing Animal

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