All photos by Dave Scholten

You can always count on local rockers The Mystery Lights to put on a rocking good show wherever they play (we last saw them when they opened for La Luz at Elsewhere earlier this year). On April 20 the band headlined a solid bill at Market Hotel featuring supporting slots by both Tall Juan and Future Punx.

Our photographer Dave Scholten was in the building and capture shots of all three bands. Find his shots posted in the gallery below.

Future Punx:

Tall Juan:

The Mystery Lights:

The Mystery Lights Setlist:

1. Synth Intro
2. I’m So Tired
3. Intro
4. Follow Me Home
5. Flowers in my hair, demons in my head
6. Too Many Girls
7. Too Tough To Bare
8. Melt
9. Dance This Mess
10. L.A. Can’t Make It
11. Someone Else
12. Candlelight
13. Traces
14. I Can’t Live In A Living Room
15. Before My Own
16. What happens when you turn the devil down
17. Thick Skinned

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