1_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

Guided By Voices at 4Knots Music Festival 2016

As a avid concert goer in New York, the Village Voice’s annual 4Knots Music Festival is one of the highlights of my summer. It brings along a mix of established and new talent, as well as tons of my fellow music lovers/bloggers/photographers. This year was the 6th edition of the festival, and saw it return to its old stomping grounds at South Street Seaport, after a one-off last year at Pier 84 at Hudson River Park. The return to South Street (as well as free admission) was more than welcome, as it resulted in a packed capacity crowd who was enthusiastic from start to finish.

1_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

Diane Coffee at 4Knots Music Festival 2016

With two main stages (along with one stage for DJs) there was plenty of action for fans to catch from the haunting indie-rock of Mothers, to the exciting Diane Coffee, the lively project from Shaun Fleming, who you may know best as Foxygen’s drummer.

1_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

Car Seat Headrest at 4Knots Music Festival 2016

From there I took in yet another triumphant set from a href=”https://www.facebook.com/carseatheadrest/”>Car Seat Headrest, who seems unable to slow down one bit this year. I’ve seen him nearly half a dozen times since CMJ last fall, and am still finding myself more and more impressed. The same can be said with the always consistent Protomartyr who delivered a typically tight and powerful performance.

Things took a calmer turn with the lovely gentle folk-inspired tunes of Philadelphia duo Girlpool, as well as the folk/bluegrass pop infusion of The Strumbellas who seem on their way to becoming a trademark name in no time.

2_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

Guided By Voices at 4Knots Music Festival 2016

The best was of course saved for last, and that was a headlining performance from Robert Pollard and the 2016 version of Guided By Voices who delivered their punk-inspired tunes with all the enthusiasm in the world. It helped that the fans who packed themselves near the front were passionately sining along to every word while bashing into one another. The fact that fans of all ages were joining in on the action speaks volumes about the band and their long thirty year career.

It was another fun addition of the 4Knots Festival, and we are already looking forward to the next edition. Find photo galleries of all the acts we were able to catch posted below.


1_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

2_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

3_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

4_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

5_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

6_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

7_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

8_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

9_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

10_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

11_Mothers_4Knots Music Festival

Diane Coffee:

2_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

3_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

4_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

5_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

6_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

7_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

8_Diane Coffee_4Knots Music Festival

Car Seat Headrest:

2_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

3_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

4_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

5_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

6_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

7_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

8_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

9_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

10_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

11_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival

12_Car Seat Headerst_4Knots Music Festival


1_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

2_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

3_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

4_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

5_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

6_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

7_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

8_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

9_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

10_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

11_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

12_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016

13_Protomartyr_4Knots Music Festival 2016


1_Girlpool_4Knots Music Festivl 2016

2_Girlpool_4Knots Music Festivl 2016

3_Girlpool_4Knots Music Festivl 2016

4_Girlpool_4Knots Music Festivl 2016

5_Girlpool_4Knots Music Festivl 2016

6_Girlpool_4Knots Music Festivl 2016

The Strumbellas:

1_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

2_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

3_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

4_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

5_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

6_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

7_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

8_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

9_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

10_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

11_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

12_The Strumbellas_4Knots Music Festival 2016

Guided By Voices:

3_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

4_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

5_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

6_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

7_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

8_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

9_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

10_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

11_Guided By Voices_4Knots Music Festival

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