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In early November (the 4th, to be exact), the man himself, Mac DeMarco, took over Terminal 5. That’s right, the silliest man in indie rock and roll not only played the large-scale Manhattan venue, but he sold it out. It was an impressive feat, but no surprise when you look at Mac’s incredible rise over the past few months with the release of his fantastic LP Salad Days. The stacked lineup also included opening sets from Connan Mockasin and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

1_King Gizzard_T5

Australian psych-rockers King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard kicked things off. Just the week before they blew me away at CMJ. They did it again, getting the young crowd warmed up and delivered another epic performance that seemed to be just one giant ball of neverending riffage. Catch King Gizzard live as soon as you can.

1_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

New Zealand’s Connan Mockasin was up next. While he has a reputation for getting him, and the crowd naked at his shows, he kept things calm while opening for Mac, keeping all articles of clothing intact. He still delivered a smooth, very 80’s performance of sexy pop that was very Ariel Pink. It was my first time catching Mockasin, but I was very smitten with what I saw.

Although the young crowd was a bit too rowdy (a lot of first beers must have been had before), Mac delivered a show that very much filled out the large space, and had most of the youngsters moving while doing so. He ran through tracks off Salad Days at a lightning pace, also finding room for tracks from 2 such as “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” and “Ode To Viceroy,” both of which received some of the best reactions of the night.

4_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

All work and no play is not a part of Mac’s recipe. The performance also included plenty of silliness, from their half-assed cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” to a cover of Bob Marley’s “Jammin’,” which featured two young girls taken from the crowd. Mac finished the regular set by doing his trademark crowds surf during “Still Together,” and took it to another level by finding his way over the beam, where he held onto the 2nd balcony, before trust falling back into the crowd. The silliness extended into the encore, where Mac and the band played the Top Gun theme in full, with Connan Mockasin and their friends coming out to join in on the fun.

While the young crowd became a bit much at times, Mac successfully made Terminal 5 into his personal playground for 75 glorious minutes. The sky is the limit for Mr. DeMarco. Don’t be surprised if he’s starring in his own TV show soon.

Photos and setlist posted below.


1. Salad Days
2. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
3. Blue Boy
4. Cooking Up Something Good
5. Passing Out Pieces
6. Let Her Go
7. Yellow (Coldplay Cover) (sung by bassist Pierce McGarry)
8. Ode to Viceroy
9. Brother
10. I’m a Man
11. Jammin’ (Bob Marley & The Wailers Cover with 2 fans)
12. Freaking Out the Neighborhood
13. My Kind of Woman
14. Chamber of Reflection
15. Still Together


16. Top Gun Anthem (Steve Stevens + Harold Faltermeyer Cover)

Mac DeMarco:

2_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

3_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

5_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

6_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

7_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

8_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

9_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

10_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

11_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

12_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

13_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

14_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

15_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

16_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

17_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

18_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

19_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

20_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

21_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

22_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

23_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

24_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

25_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

26_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

27_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

28_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

29_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

30_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

31_Mac DeMarco_Terminal 5

Connan Mockasin:

2_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

3_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

4_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

5_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

6_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

7_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

8_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

9_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5-2

9_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

10_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

11_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

12_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

13_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

14_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

15_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

16_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

17_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

18_Conan Mockasin_Terminal 5

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard:

2_King Gizzard_T5

3_King Gizzard_T5

4_King Gizzard_T5

5_King Gizzard_T5

6_King Gizzard_T5

7_King Gizzard_T5

8_King Gizzard_T5

9_King Gizzard_T5

10_King Gizzard_T5

11_King Gizzard_T5

12_King Gizzard_T5

13_King Gizzard_T5

14_King Gizzard_T5

15_King Gizzard_T5

16_King Gizzard_T5

17_King Gizzard_T5

18_King Gizzard_T5

19_King Gizzard_T5

20_King Gizzard_T5

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