We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2011…So Far

By Will Oliver, August 18th 2011 — with 34 comments 2011 Best Of List MP3

(Thanks to Camilo Bejarano for the perfect album art)

I love making lists. I’m the guy who just needs to compile a list of my favorite songs midway (a month late, I know..) through the year. I did one last summer and had a great time doing it, so I had to do another.

I meant to do this in July but life got in the way of that. We All Want Someone To Shout For turned three years old a few weeks ago, so think of this as a little thank you from me. Rather than just limited the list to only 50 songs, I splurged even more with 70. I just didn’t want to leave any of these songs out because I believe they all deserve some spotlight.

This is by no means final, you never know what my list will look like come December. I offer it to you as a way for you to get close with the songs that I have in 2011. I included a mp3 stream of each, and for a limited time you can download the entire thing as a ZIP file. I know it may be overwhelming to some, but give it a d/l spin some songs, and come back to it later. If you like the music, search the artist and support them by buying their music on itunes, amazon, or going to see a show.

I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I have. Without further ado, I present to you We All Want Someone To Shout For’s Best Songs Of 2011…So Far:

1. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
2. The National – Think You Can Wait
3. Alex Turner- Piledriver Waltz / Arctic Monkeys – Piledriver Waltz
4. The Horrors – Still Life
5. The Drums – Money
6. Cut Copy – Need You Now
8. Summer Camp – Better Off Without You
9. Bon Iver – Holocene
10. Jamie Woon – Lady Luck
11. Youth Lagoon – Montana
12. Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs
13. Fleet Foxes – The Shrine / An Argument
14. The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness
15. Arctic Monkeys – That’s Where You’re Wrong
16. The Vaccines – All In White
17. Craft Spells – After The Moment
18. Beirut – East Harlem
19. The Horrors – You Said
20. Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk
21. Jamie xx – Far Nearer
22. Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down
23. Princeton – Clamoring For Your Heart
24. BOA – Push
25. Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together
26. Leisure – Follow Me
27. Metronomy – The Look
28. Blouse – Into Black
29. Smith Westerns – Still New
30. My Morning Jacket – Holdin On To Black Metal
31. Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers
32. The Weeknd – The Morning
33. Armand Margjeka – Alive
34. Big Deal – Chair
35. Ravens & Chimes – Carousel
36. Air Review – America’s Son
37. Cults – Abducted
38. The Antlers – Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
39. Born Gold – Alabaster Bodyworlds
40. Girls – Vomit
41. Real Estate – It’s Real
42. Balto – The Railyard
43. Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist
44. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Definite Darkness
45. Colossal Gospel – Bitter Man
46. Mother Mother – The Stand
47. The Decemberists – This Is Why We Fight
48. Cass McCombs – County Line
49. Airlines – Burial Grounds
50. Tennis – Pigeon
51. Wild Beasts – Bed Of Nails
52. Toro Y Moi – Still Sound
53. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream
54. The Elected – Babyface
55. Radiohead – Lotus Flower
56. Horsecollar – Christopher
57. Jubilants – Antics
58. Holiday Shores – Spells
59. Widowspeak – Gun Shy
60. James Kelly Pitts – Kettle
61. Foster The People – Waste
62. Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette
63. Ducktails – Killin’ The Vibe (Feat. Panda Bear)
64. White Denim – Drug
65. Pusha T – Trouble On My Mind (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)
66. M83 – Midnight City
67. Miles Kane – Rearrange
68. The Belligerents – Such A Crime
69. Geoffrey O’Connor – Whatever Leads Me To You
70. Grandpa Was A Lion – In A Dream


Have spotify? Listen to the mix as a playlist using this link.


  1. yourmom18 Aug 11

    spotify playlists anyone?

  2. Mark18 Aug 11

    Zip link is “out of bandwidth”. Alternate source?

  3. Will18 Aug 11

    Check now, Mark!

  4. CR18 Aug 11

    Shocked Noel Gallagher didn’t make the list with ‘The Death of You and Me’. What a blinding tune!

  5. Mark18 Aug 11

    Got it. Awesome! Thanks.

  6. The Truth18 Aug 11

    I’d go with the following:

    1. Mongk II – British Sea Power
    2. Second Chance – Peter Bjorn and John
    3. Wilhems Scream – James Blake
    4. Set Me Free -The Sand Band
    5. Weekend – Smith Westerns
    6. One For You, One For Me -Bright Eyes
    7. Need You Now – Cut Copy
    8. Jesus Fever – Kurt Vile
    9. Four Letter Word -Beady Eye
    10. Bloom -Radiohead
    11. Oh My Heart – R.E.M.
    12. Wolf Pack – The Vaccines
    13. Gratisfaction – The Strokes
    14. Neat Little Rows – Elbow
    15. Battery Kinzie – Fleet Foxes
    16. Second Song – TV On The Radio
    17. Not Enough – J Mascis
    18. You – Glasvegas
    19. I Don’t Want Love – The Antlers
    20. Come Closer – Miles Kane
    21. Towers – Bon Iver
    22. Holding On To Black Metal – My Morning Jacket
    23. Piledriver Waltz – Arctic Monkeys
    24. Maniac – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    25. Raw Meat – Black Lips
    26. I Might – Wilco
    27. Come To The City – The War On Drugs
    28. Major Minus – Coldplay
    29. The Death of You and Me – Noel Gallagher
    30. Days Are Forgotten – Kasabian
    31. Vomit – Girls
    32. Pumped – Foster The People
    33. It’s Real – Real Estate
    34. Truth – Alexander

    Now that is a list.

  7. elisabeth18 Aug 11

    Haha, try google translate! I can’t assure you it will be accurate though.. don’t worry, I haven’t written anything mean 😉 THANK YOU FOR THE LIST! I love these lists. Keep ‘em coming! Oh, and I’ll put the pictures on facebook as soon as I get them all from my friend 🙂 cant wait to go back to nyc and meet you again!

  8. Lucas18 Aug 11

    since you like making playlist, you could make one about the new bands you are enjoying and share the list with us 😀

  9. Iasmiine20 Aug 11

    Bombay Bicycle Club’s Shuffle is something I’m obsessed with. And Laura Marling’s Sophia is rather amazing. Thanks for the playlist. :]

  10. Carolina20 Aug 11

    I was just going through my own list. But this year has been strange and I don’t seem to remember a lot of songs. I love you for doing this.

  11. Charlie20 Aug 11

    No Neon Indian dude?
    What about polish girl?
    that shit is awesome

  12. Bengt23 Aug 11

    This is fantastic. Thanks for your sharing. Really great idea.

  13. Tony23 Aug 11

    How Lana Del Ray is your number one is beyond irresponsible to me. I like that song as much as the next but to put that above Radio Head, Fleet Foxes, The National , Strokes, Arctic monkeys seems odd. Still a good list but you need to rearrange your top 10 hommie, nothing but love- TonyB

  14. Will24 Aug 11

    Tony, it’s simple: it’s my favorite song at the moment!

  15. Lauren L25 Aug 11

    For some reason, when I pull up the list in spotify, it only gives me the Cut Copy track…anyone else having this error?

  16. Marina26 Aug 11

    Great compilation, I’m totally into Foster the People, too, Helena Beat is prob my fave track of theirs


  17. Lindsay26 Aug 11

    I have to say, this is the most solid list of “top songs” I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks!

  18. TonyB30 Aug 11

    Will, fair enough, I can’t argue against that comment. I bet that you will change that within a few weeks though. Re listen to that Strokes album..common..do it

  19. Mikel1 Sep 11

    The Spotify playlist is showing up empty, at least for the moment. I can see a sample of songs but when I click to display all of them it says the playlist is empty. :s

  20. Brian9 Sep 11

    Great list. Very cool. Loving Lana Del Rey. I’d suggest Niki and the Dove’s “The Fox”. Love that, too.

  21. Serp14 Sep 11

    Has anyone paid attention to Alexander>? “Truth” (just aired on Conan) and “Glimpses” are incredible.

  22. Serp14 Sep 11

    also, Middle Brother “Someday,” Wilco “Art of Almost,” and Grimes “Crystal Ball” get on game!

  23. lalo22 Sep 11

    Nice playlist dude, kudos

  24. SF Critic23 Sep 11

    Thanks for this. It’s a great playlist for me to listen to at work.

  25. James27 Sep 11

    This list is amazing. Couldn’t agree more. PILEDRIVER WALTZ IS BETTER ON SUBMARINE THAN SUCK IT AND SEE!!!

  26. Colin28 Sep 11

    Fantastic list. Really enjoyed listening to this for an hour or two 🙂

  27. alternaco3 Nov 11

    Its all about taste, I know, but I fucking hate your number one man, that might be the cheesiest song ever, yeah… I know Lana is so hot, but her song makes me wanna puke, I swear it does.

  28. Will3 Nov 11

    Sorry to hear that you “hate it”. That’s a strong word.

    Anyway, it’s just my first half list. Things can and probably will change come December 31.

    And I based my decision not on her looks (which are definitely good), but rather, her music, which I really enjoy.


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