[new] Arctic Monkeys – Brick By Brick

By Will Oliver, March 4th 2011 — with 12 comments News

Woah, what a pleasant surprise. Didn’t expect to get a new Arctic Monkeys song today. The band posted a new song called “Brick By Brick” today on their youtube channel, a complete surprise to the entire world.

The band has once again proven why they’re my favorite band. They have taken their sound to an entirely different level. It’s sounds to me like they’ve taken the sound on all three of their previous albums and created a sound way ahead of their years. The band have come a long way, and “Brick By Brick” is proof of this. It continues the 60s psych-rock sound that they started on Humbug. How nice do their guitars sound?

Matt Helders starts things off vocally on “Brick By Brick”. Then you got Alex’s voice, which sounds better than ever. He’s really come along way since their debut.

Not sure if this is just a song that will be on their new album. I’m leaning towards no. I think it’s just a warm-up/teaser for what’s to come on the new LP.

Update: ArcticMonkeysUS got a direct message from Matt Helders confirming that the song is indeed on album #4, but it’s not a single. Rather, it’s just a taste of what’s to come. Here’s the proof:

Without further ado, check out new song “Brick By Brick”:

[mp3]: Arctic Monkeys – Brick By Brick


  1. Todd4 Mar 11

    I love me some Arctic Monkeys! I love it when a band I like explores and takes their sound in new directions. Unfortunately I don’t like this song on where this band has been going. Hopefully they will find their way back to capturing the essence of what makes Arctic Monkeys great.

  2. Andy Kennedy4 Mar 11

    awesome. 20 listens later and i still cant believe they dropped it!

  3. harry5 Mar 11

    any idea when the new album is out?

  4. Will5 Mar 11

    Harry, there’s no set date yet, but I’m thinking around summer time.

  5. anonymous5 Mar 11

    weak lyrics.

  6. Jack6 Mar 11

    You cannot seriously say that alex’s voice sounds better, it is unrecognisable.
    Getting a bit sick of Josh Homme and his poor american influences.

  7. Will6 Mar 11


    Liking music is subjective, and I do think that Alex’s voice has gotten stronger. Also, note that drummer Matt Helders takes vocal duties here as well. He’s signing in the beginning. Is that what you’re referencing to?

    Either way, I do like Alex’s voice now. If you don’t that fine, but I don’t think it’s fair to say someone’s automatically wrong for liking a change.

    I think that they wear the Josh Home influences well. At least they experiment. Sure, maybe it’s not for everyone. However, I think it’s going to benefit them in the long run.

  8. anniecatz21 Jul 11

    Arctic Monkeys are the best band to come out of the UK in a long time and don’t look as if they are gonna slow down anytime soon, check out there recent performance at the iTunes Festival in London:


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