[New] The Walkmen – Blue As Your Blood

By Will Oliver, July 14th 2010 — with 3 comments Other

Wow. I thought we were lucky to hear one new track from Lisbon, the new album from The Walkmen. A few days ago NPR premiered “Stranded” a song centered around those beautiful brass horns.

According to the savvy detective work from the good people of The Walkmen’s official forum, KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic played another new song from Lisbon. This time, “Blue As Your Blood” (a song originally called “Sky Above/CJ by fans”) got an early spin. MBC posted a stream of the show and someone ripped the new song for all of us to hear. Gotta love technology.

“Stranded” set the bar high, and I didn’t know if anything could top it. Well, “Blue As Your Blood” just may have. It weaves in and out of majestic beauty with every passing second. The band is able to create such a distinctive mood/tone. It really has become second nature for them.

Lisbon is shaping up to be a worthy contender to You & Me. The Walkmen are really cementing their place in all of our hearts.

Download “Blue As Your Blood”, below:

[mp3] The Walkmen – Blue As Your Blood Remvoed upon request of the label. But hypem is your friend.

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Bruce Warren

Interesting. I got the advance (the record is great great great and way better than than You & Me ) and the label reached out to me and asked me not to play it at WXPN. I asked why and they said they were trying to control some kind of leak. I was like, ok. So, NPR is streaming a song online but they don’t want me to play it on the radio? WTF is this world turning in to? By the way, some shameless promotion for WXPN and The Walkmen – they’re playing our big music festival this weekend… Read more »

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